VAT Exemption.

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VAT Exemption.

Postby tighterse » Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:58 pm

Anyone with NHS hearing aids is issued with a "battery book". This lets you collect free batteries at various sites (in Scotland hospitals and libraries). But it can also be used as proof of disability to claim VAT exemption on things like amplified phones, hearing aid compatible mobile phones, headsets and headphones.

PC World, Currys and Carphone Warehouse are familiar with this. iPhones are compatible so I bought one last week after producing my battery book and bus pass for ID. As it happens I didn't like it so gave it to the Appointed Successor (senior female grandwean). I also bought a gaming headset with tone controls but didn't like it either so it was given to a nephew of the CEO who is into computer gaming. Total saving was over £150 after the salesman made a mistake in calculating the amount of VAT which was not noticed until well after the event.

Statistically probably 30% of you will suffer from hearing loss so the moral is - use NHS hearing aids. Incidentally they are the same as those sold by Boots and private organisations at anything from £700 to £1,500 and - batteries are free and you can claim VAT exemptions.
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