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Credit Card Fiddle.

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:45 pm
by tighterse
Here’s a little fiddle that will save you more than Top Cashback. It’s saved me several thousand over the years.

Many large stores – Debenhams, Next, M&S, John Lewis and the late lamented BHS have links with credit card companies and offer “branded” cards. They also have “special events” for cardholders with goods marked down for those lucky people.

Last week I was out with the CEO in one of these stores and she saw a footstool she fancied - £210. I always agree with her and when we went to the cash desk I asked my usual question, ‘any discount for cash?’ So the very pleasant, and commission hungry, little assistant told me that if I took their credit card we would get it at a “special event” price plus a further discount for taking the card. Result – one footstool £138.60. There were no credit checks when we filled the forms in but we were told that the card company reserved the right to decline us. The card arrived this morning and I cut it up. Of course I’ll pay when the statement arrives so there will also be 30 days free credit.

I did the same trick three times with BHS but my best result was four years ago when we bought a sofa and two chairs and saved over £400.

By the way, any time you are buying shoes or jackets from any of the big chains of outdoor stores always ask for a discount. I’m disappointed if I get less than 15%. The thought of a customer with cash in his hand walking out and going to a competitor where, ‘I saw the same thing cheaper’, terrifies them. And don’t be afraid to start walking, they’ll soon be begging you to buy.

If you’re interested there is a simple and legal technique that will get 20% off any Iphone or other suitable mobile. Wanna know it?

Re: Credit Card Fiddle.

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:39 pm
by frv
I can vouch for the credit card wheeze. Last time we were in Debenhams in Edinburgh "the girls" decided they wanted some make up and a notice next to the till said 20% off if you take out c/card. I said yes please and they said the sign was wrong it should be 10% off but after a wee discussion they honoured the advertised discount and we got a free drink in the cafe too!!
I sometimes ask for discounts for cash and if not forthcoming I use my cashback credit card.