Iphone VAT exemption.

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Iphone VAT exemption.

Postby tighterse » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:55 pm

Impaired hearing is a disability so items such as mobile phones, headsets and headphones can be bought vat free. Check out the vat rules to confirm this although the easiest way is to go to a site such as Clove Technology where you will see a simple declaration by the disabled person is all that is needed. Sadly Clove’s prices are not the cheapest so there is no real advantage in using such companies. But...

Look at the specifications of the phone you want to buy. You will see “M” and “T” ratings. The important one is “T” or “telecoil”. If the rating is “T3” or higher it is suitable for hearing aids. All iphones and most high level mobiles have a “T4” or better rating. Bingo – a vat exemption can be claimed but...

You need to prove you are disabled. In Scotland (I don’t know what happens in England, Ireland or Wales) a “battery book” is issued with NHS hearing aids. This entitles the holder to free batteries for the aid(s). Now...

Go into your friendly mobile phone shop, tell them the phone you want to buy and when they bring it to you tell them you are vat exempt. They won’t believe you but produce your battery book and suitable ID and refer them to the vat rules although it is easier to tell them to Google Clove Technology or any suitable supplier of equipment for the hearing impaired. It even gives a form of declaration. Then...

Get a 20% discount on your phone (or headsets or headphones). Note that it only works on outright purchase not on contract phones.
But if you’re a real meanie like me ask for a discount before you mention the vat exemption. Two discounts are better than one.
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Re: Iphone VAT exemption.

Postby frv » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:19 am

Great find TE :D

I like your negotiating technique ;) :lol:
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