Home Energy Saving Tips

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Home Energy Saving Tips

Postby Karl » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:13 am

This is a little website I started a last year in order to help people save on their household bills. Simple stuff really but Its amazing how many people don't think about the little things from day to day

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Re: Home Energy Saving Tips

Postby Findus » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:30 pm

Whilst in my local chippy once I earwigged a conversation about solar hot water energies! In short one said to the other 'now with solar water heating my last quarterly gas bill was £1.74'!

This is very true, as myself we are on oil (no gas on our road) and since having solar installed late 2008, when spring came April 09 and no central heating was required, I turned the oil boiler off and didn't restart the boiler until mid Oct 09.

A full tank of home kero oil costs approx £2000 and whereas before we'd order such same month every year (October), this year in October, there's still 1400 ltrs in the tank, that will probably do until summer 2010!

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Also having had no electricity for 2 days in 2008 (whole village/local area out), just by keeping internal doors closed, the house didn't drop below 16 degs C, whereas it normally runs at 19 degs C. (When out though did drive slower to savour warm car!)

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