further motoring based savings!

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further motoring based savings!

Postby Findus » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:39 pm

Having 2 waterbutts at the base of drainpipes that would normally feed the drains, we've never run out of water in summer or winter, although in winter these butts often overflow!

This rainwater we use in our kids water toys - skimboard garden surfer and also for washing cars!

With car washing:

Add to this cold water some of your usual/favourite car shampoo and apply via a long handled car wash brush (No need to dip hands into cold water).

Then also with a waterbutt pump; http://www.pondpumpsdirect.com/product. ... re+Details
I connect my 1800bar pressure washer to the waterbutt and rinse my car down.

The end result is no different to a hot car wash

These operations will reduce a full waterbutt to approx 2/3's full, but you then just need one overnight downpour and its overflowing again! :lol:

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road tax - slight saving

Postby Findus » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:57 pm

As I initially thought I would be paying £270 a year in 2010, despite from new being only £160 in 2006, I discovered a little 'loop-hole' that would make a slight saving!

If your vehicle's tax expires before April of any year, you will only pay last year's rate. Example if I tax my car for 12 months Jan-March 2010 I will pay £175. If I re-tax it April 2010 onwards I pay £200 (now since the Government back tracked).

£25 is half a tank of fuel?


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Re: further motoring based savings!

Postby frv » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:10 am

I too use the water from my water butts when washing my car. I use a bucket of clean warm tap water to wash and then multiple watering cans of rain water to rinse it off - the result - I never have to leather it off as it doesn't streak - just let it drip dry and I only squeegie the windows. Saves water (I'm on a meter since April - should save me £200 a year) and less effort.
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