new fuel protest! block london! you in or out?!

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new fuel protest! block london! you in or out?!

Postby funkymonkey71 » Thu May 05, 2011 11:40 am

hi for some time i have watched those fighting in thier own way to reduce fuel tax to a reasonable rate either by small protests or by signitures and good on them for trying various ways, but they wont work and we waste our time, the government are making huge amounts from the oil price hikes so why should they change things until you and i are saying goodbye to our car as we cant afford to use them anymore! so unite! can the uk people actually do anything properly? i dont think so, prove me wrong be emailing me, i propose a very careful but large on road protest into london and then switch off your cars, vans, and lorries and block london off where it will hurt! a full 24hr strike in the heart of london and to do this over a 100000 cars vans and hgv's! our friends in europe do this all the time so why cant we! my plan is to stop london traffic by comming in in various directions and bring it to its knees, 24 hours of mayhem and see hoe the mp's like that. but can we do it? can we unite? maybe, prove me wrong, i propose we hit london on the first monday in september 2011 they will listen and make changes reduce the tax and put a cap on it! they will, if we hit them hard they will look bad, we are the people and we control the uk so use united power and stand with me, i will be making sure that the police, dept of transport and emergancy services are aware and also that the big news groups are there to see this. my email is come on do this say you will be there! oh and if anyone on here can help me on this with face book and twitter i would love some help im just the ordiary jo bloggs thanks steve(southwest)

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Re: new fuel protest! block london! you in or out?!

Postby Karl » Thu May 05, 2011 10:58 pm

Hi there. Nice to see some enthusiasm regarding fuel prices but such an event would cause chaos and alarm to the general public. Such protests like the one in Stanlow are the way forward that the press is quickly realising the support and potential of such events.

Have you posted this elsewhere? Have you had much support?
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