Poor level of support for biofuels.

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Poor level of support for biofuels.

Postby twelvebears » Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:08 am

OK, perhaps not a protest in the 'riot at pumps overt price increases' kind of way, but I thought this was worth a mention.

So I'm guessing that Hypermilers are folks who would like to both save pennies AND reduce environmental impacts? Well that's me anyway.

My gripe is with the PATHETIC level of support for biofuel use in the UK by car makers. Specifically I'm bitching about the fact that most new car makers won't give much official support for the use of biofuel in new cars.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why car makers don't want just any old home-brew WVO biodiesel going into their lovely new CR diesels, but given that there are few technical reason why high-quality, high-% biodiesel can't be used, it would seem that official support of commercial produced (i.e to agreed EU specifications) biofuels would be a good way to demonstrate environmental commitments.

I own a new 2011 CR diesel and would love to run it on high-quality, commercially produced WVO biodiesel. It wouldn't save me much money, but I'd feel a lot happier knowing that my car was using recycled oil. Unfortunately VAG won't endorse the use of biofuel, no-matter how good the quality is.

For the record, I only really see WVO sourced biodiesel as being a worthwhile improvement over mineral diesel because of all the complex issues around the impact of using food farming land for growing crops specifically for fuel production.

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