New Aygo member

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New Aygo member

Postby Morph » Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:02 am

Hello all.

Quick introduction as a new member with a 2011 Aygo 1.0 Petrol. I've been hypermiling for a few years previously with a Pug 206 HDi and then a Fabia VRS, and now an Aygo.

I loved the VRS but the insurance and servicing costs were becoming very expensive and my mileage dropped to under 6K for the last year I had it. And with new Diesels having DPFs which don't like 100% town driving I decided to make the switch back to Petrol with the Aygo. OK its a lot slower than the VRS but what I save on insurance (£250 a year) and services (£99 fixed price every 10K miles) pays for 6 or 7 tanks of fuel so I'm happy. Tyres are also very cheap - got a pair of good ones fitted for under £60 ;)

I haven't kept my averages up to date, need to start on Fuelly I suppose. I have had a tank to tank best of just over 70 but most averages are in the 55 to 65 mark which isn't bad for just around town (Edinburgh) with loads of jams. I'm reasonably happy with town driving being good for MPG but can't quite master motorways with the little car. The gearing isn't too bad at 22, the grill is usually blocked too - uncovered for the heatwave just now.

Other car in the household is a 2011 Prius which is Mrs Morph's. Mrs M doesn't hypermile but gets 50-60 in it and likes the auto gearbox. I can get it to 99.9 MPG quite often when I get a go (!) and we are thinking of keeping it when the lease runs out (its a company car) if we get a reasonable deal. Only thinking about it, the appalling interior rattles are putting us off a little.

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Re: New Aygo member

Postby frv » Sun Aug 04, 2013 6:39 am

Hi Morph and welcome to the forum.
The Aygo sounds like a great city car and you're getting good numbers in it. On the motorway it probably pays just to keep the speed down.
I've been away in North Devon (man it's hilly!) so I'm back in the land of internet to answer any questions.
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Re: New Aygo member

Postby greenman » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:32 am

I like your car choice for city driving; Edinburgh is not the most economical city to drive in, I know as my daughter lives there but it is a beautiful city which more than compensates. :) Your figures (estimates) seem quite good so far, if you get that in reality I would not complain!
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Re: New Aygo member

Postby Morph » Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:53 pm

Thanks for the replies. The Aygo is a very good city car, also very simple in terms of equipment and design so you can "add what you want" in terms of Audio, mods etc.

Having now posted this I'm looking to replace it :shock: We have adopted a new family member - a dog who's owner is now deceased - so holidays, weekends etc. are going to be more family orientated plus Mrs M is more or less at the limit of her company car "personal use" miles.

Hopefully it will be another Hypermiling friendly car - will update when I know.

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Re: New Aygo member

Postby tighterse » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:01 pm

Embra! I'm west of you halfway to Glesca. Haven't had a car into the toon for years. Lothian buses and a bus pass and it can't get any cheaper. The nearest I get when I'm driving is the dreaded bypass and then only after 0900, before 1500 and after 1900. Mind you an Aygo might be competitive with a Lothian Travelcard assuming you don't get free travel.

The place is fair hoachin' wi' tourists just now up for festival.
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Re: New Aygo member

Postby Karl » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:21 pm

Hello and Welcome!

Sounds like you are doing a cracking job with the Aygo - iirc they are the same as the C1 aren't they?

A civic might be a good choice for a new car with a bit of boot space. Their petrol engines are quite frugal with some power in hand for use when needed.

Look forward to hearing what you choose.
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