Disappointing motorway consumption.

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Disappointing motorway consumption.

Postby Jocko » Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:18 pm

I am disappointed with my mpg on motorway/dual carriageway driving. Irrespective of what I try, I am struggling to better my motorway/dual carriageway mileage from before getting my ScanGauge. Back then I would just try and drive smoothly, not too fast and with a light throttle. I still use all these things but have included Pulse and Glide where appropriate and even engine on coasting. Nothing seems to make much of a difference. The main problems seem to be having to keep up with traffic, and the facts that the roads were all built in the last 30 years and as a result have no appreciable ascents or descents.
I have actually started coming off the dual carriageway, for one section, as there is a nice bit of single carriageway country road with several short steep ascents followed by long gentle descents. Using a bit of petrol for the steep climbs allows me miles of descents, at 300 - 350 mpg, with occasional DFCO parts (into tight bends) where the ScanGauge indicate 9999 mpg.
My biggest improvement in fuel consumption is, surprisingly, around town on the short trips.

Any other advice for motorway/dual carriageway driving?

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Re: Disappointing motorway consumption.

Postby frv » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:39 pm

Sorry Jocko missed your post - holidays!!

The biggest increase in mpg on the motorway will only come by slowing down I'm afraid. I tend to stick to the lorry lane at about 50 to 60 depending if it's a gentle incline or decline and quite often I'm on the lookout for a lorry either in front or behind and I will speed up to catch one in front and follow it or slow down to let the lorry catch me up, overtake me and then follow it at a safe distance. Safe drafting definitely helps.
I've found on longer journeys it might take a little longer (if it's busy it doesn't make as much difference as you would think) but I am less tired on arrival as there is less concentration involved sticking to the left lane!
I do some engine on coasting in places, occasionally dropping in to 'N' if it's steep enough.

We had a run out in the Jazz today to a garden centre including a stop off at a shopping centre and managed the round trip of 19.7 miles at 66.7mpg which I was really pleased with. This was a mix of town and national speed limit applies roads.
'15 Audi A3 Sportback SE CoD S-Tronic - 5+ year average 55+mpg

(Retired) '06 Honda FR-V 2.2 i-CTDi - Best/longest tank: 67.92mpg (+51.6%) / 815.5 miles.

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