So here we go....... saab 900 turbo mpg

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So here we go....... saab 900 turbo mpg

Postby ssaaaabb » Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:36 am

Hi there everyone, Ill share with you my stats even though its hard to admit right now Im only getting 35.6mpg :(

But that figure is before any changes have been made, tyres under-inflated, car full of stuff and 2 passengers and wet weather driving.

Im a bit unlucky I have to do a miles drive through twisty busy streets before I get close to an open road, Therefore lost of stopping and starting and generaly hypermilers nightmare situations of sitting on a bendy uphill with traffic lights and pedestrians always in the way, stopping , starting, clutch galoring ( although i have no clutch ) I still have to juggle with my gearbox !

this time next week I want to be sat at 40mpg at least !

so I hope the rain will go, and with a bit of weight reduction and smart hypermiling ............Fingers crossed Ill get into the 40's!

I mentioned before that my record was 44.4mpg, well that figure was after a 100+ mile drive without traffic..... Very diffferent story when you include fully combined MPG.
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Re: So here we go....... saab 900 turbo mpg

Postby greenman » Sun May 06, 2012 6:59 am

Hope you are getting there with your endeavours. Is there a less hazardous route you could take every day?
Personally I prefer to drive a car with a clutch then I can choose the gear I should be in!
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