List of mods, Ideas/Thoughts?

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List of mods, Ideas/Thoughts?

Postby Morpheuz » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:26 am


First post after intro, thought I'd run some mods by you all to hear some thoughts/improvements or new ideas.

Ive got a renault clio, (1.2, 16v) 2005 but before I even take it on the road, I'm hoping to get over 50mpg, its supposed to be roughly 47mpg already.


Lowering of suspension, more streamlined..
WAI - de-restricted/cone
Sealing off engine bay from headwind however keeping radiator in it.
50psi if tires allow.
Stock exhaust or a more free flowing one?
5w40 double ester based oil, its got 91k on it so I'd rather not use a 30 weight.
Maybe body kit so its glued to the floor.
If I can get a cheap re-map (know a guy) might opt for an eco/lean setting.

Just some ideas, probs missed a few, if you can educate me on anything I'd be grateful.

Thanks, and good to be here.

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Re: List of mods, Ideas/Thoughts?

Postby frv » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:34 am

Sounds like an extensive list!

I've got tyres pumped up to 55psi - sidewall max is 51 ;)

I use a grill block in winter 1/4 - 3/4's blocked depending on temps. Have to watch coolant temp so I don't overcook it. No grill block at moment. You get more of an mpg advantage from faster engine warm up times than aero improvements.

Oil can definitely make a difference as can a remap (I've been tempted but don't really do enough miles to warrant the cost)

Lowering suspension should help too but an underbody tray would probably be just as good.

Body kit may just add weight with little improvement - could even make mpg worse!

I've kept stock exhaust but it could make a difference (again, need to look at cost/benefit).

Don't know about cone - perhaps someone a bit more techy could answer that one.

Can you lose any weight from the car?

A gauge can help trremendously - I have an Ultra-Gauge which has helped me to new mpg heights. Have a look here: ... f=17&t=503
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Re: List of mods, Ideas/Thoughts?

Postby Karl » Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:51 pm

I'm with Gord on this.

I would take the cheap option, save weight and get those tyres pumped up. If you car is compatible, get an Ultra-gauge. It'll pay for itself in a matter of months!
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