Megabus advance planning

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Megabus advance planning

Postby tighterse » Sat Oct 29, 2016 10:43 pm

I visited Dundee today. I could have driven there and back in about three and a half hours but since some strong drink was to be taken I played the concerned citizen and let someone else do the driving. As it turned out the total journey time was a bit over four and a half hours and a good time was had by me and some others and I had a snooze on the way back. Since I am a wrinkly the cost was ZERO.

My follow on thought was, could a non-wrinkly, or even two non wrinklys, do the same trip for less than the cost of fuel, say petrol at £1.20/litre that works out at around £17.50 for the 140 mile trip. So onto the Megabus planning site.

The answer is “nearly” provided you book more than a week in advance. For two the total cost of fares would be £16 but you would need to pay for a taxi to a local Park and Ride – in my case two and a half miles away. In fact I cadged a lift there and back.

Interesting although there is a time penalty but set against this is the fact that your driving licence is not a risk if you plan to have a bevvy or two and you can relax and let someone else do the worrying while you play about with the free wifi.

Up here in Jockland taking the bus for longer distance trips is a no brainer. Glasgow or Edinburgh to Aberdeen or Inverness in about three hours at £14 return. Or maybe Glasgow to Oban or Campbelltown at the same cost. Always booking in advance.

I don’t know what the situation in Englandshire is but if Megabus do similar deals then go for it. I’m looking closely at a few days in London – fares for two less than £25 return, total although six hours on a bus needs careful thought. Now I need to start looking at hotel booking sites.
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