Honda Civic Hybrid

snow hope
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Honda Civic Hybrid

Postby snow hope » Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:57 pm

I like Honda cars - I think they are very well engineered. I had the Accord 2.2CDTi for 4 years and the diesel engine was a dream - so much torque! I was tempted to go for the same again, but I am usually the only one in it, so couldn't really justify it. Then I noticed the Hybrid and the 10% car tax that came in from the 5th April 08!!

Have been a bit disappointed to be honest with the mpg. I am getting about the same as I used to get out of the Accord, but I am having to drive like an old Granny to achieve it. Wheras with the Accord, well lets just say I loved the way the Turbo kicked in and I averaged around 43mpg without really trying. :roll: Mind you, now that I have slowed down, I know I am a safer driver, so that has to be good.

I know I have a very poor commute for getting good mpg and I live at 450ft and my work is at about 10ft, so I have a hilly journey home. Nevertheless, I would like to be getting a good bit more out of the Hybrid, so I am here to learn. :)

Oh, by the way, I got the Honda, because I hate the shape of the Prius - yuk. No offense to Prius owners, but I just don't like them visually, even though it might have been a more sensible car for my requirements.

Anybody else got one?
Me - 2008 Honda Civic 1.4 IMA Hybrid - 7,000 miles
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Re: Honda Civic Hybrid

Postby billysan » Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:17 pm

Fellow Honda lover saying hi!!!

All older ones admitedly but Ive had dozens over the years. Currently drive a 51 plate Honda Insight.

Is your IMA your first hybrid then? If it is anything like my car the economy will improve as you learn how to drive the car. When I first got mine I was getting about 65-70mpg for a combined run. I can now do low 90's.

The civic should be able to do 60's I would have thought, and I do envy your practicality. Mine just isnt.

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