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GM’s Dynamic Skip Fire technology could see 15% mpg improvement [with Video]

Cylinder deactivation has been around in one form or another for many a year. Back in ’81 GM’s Cadillac L62 V8-6-4 was one of the first engines of its type to enter production. Fast forward to present day and the technology

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Audi Traffic Light Recognition technology could save millions of litres of fuel

Audi has released further details of it’s Traffic Light Recognition technology which it claims could save millions of litres of fuel. The system works using the cars own internet connection to relay information from the central traffic computer for the town

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Start / Stop Tech coming en masse to America in 2017

In the rest of the civilized world,  start / stop technology has become common place in new cars. Figures show that a whopping 40% of all new cars in Europe and Japan have the technology, however over the pond they have been a

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