Hybrid cars are able to utilise both an internal combustion (IC) and electric engines, this makes them much more efficient than having an IC alone. Ensuring the maximum use of the electric engine together with adapting your driving style to make full use of regenerative braking systems will ensure you are getting every last mile from you precious fuel and charge.

Many of the Hypermiling techniques on our website are aimed at vehicles powered by either diesel or petrol engines, however there are many other Hypermiling techniques that only apply to hybrid cars & electric drive cars.

Below is a list of Hybrid Hypermiling Techniques that will help ensure some epic MPG figures.

  • Familiarise yourself with your car’s hybrid information display. It will help you fine tune your helping techniques and  allow you to monitor how much energy is being used.
  • Be gentle with the accelerator pedal. Pressing lightly  to help keep the car in EV mode ensuring you are using electricity and not fuel. Monitor the cars display so you can master the most efficient way of accelerating.
  • If available, use the ECO or green mode. This will ensure the car is working to help you maximise your MPG.
  • When in town and built up areas, enable the EV mode. As above, gentle applications of the throttle will ensure you stay in EV mode for as long as possible.
  • Anticipating and early braking will help you make the most of the regenerative braking system. Gentle and steady applications of the pedal will help put more charge back into the battery, resulting you being able to use the EV mode for more miles.
  • Use hills to make use of the regenerative braking system. Simply remove your foot from the accelerator or even lightly pressing the brake will make further use of the system. Again try and monitor the braking system dials to try and master when, where and how hard to brake.
  • Monitor use of ancillary equipment in the car to help reduce secondary power consumption. Turn of the radio, lights, wipers and air-con when not needed.

**Some of the techniques above that relate to the electric engine are also applicable to EVs (electronic vehicles).

My experience with the Toyota Auris Hybrid has shown me just how effective a hybrid system can be when coupled with an experienced hypermiler. Ensuring that you monitor the both the IC and electric engine usage and clever use of the EV mode and regenerative braking can result in some epic efficiency results.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with Hybrid Hypermiling, so why not leave your tips and experiences in the comments below.