Is the VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda dieselgate “emissions fix” causing EGR valves to fail?

** Update 23/1/17 ** We’re getting reports of EGR failures at an alarming rate and its just the tip of the iceburg. Two of our readers have had either a full refund or close to it (90%) following the “fix” and then EGR failure. Proof that not only are they aware of the issue but also that they accept responsibility for the failure. We’re looking to publish as much information as we can to help prevent VAG owners from paying tbe price of the fix which shouldn’t have been needed in the first place. Please do leave a comment or email me direct on Karl (at) hypermiler .co .uk **

** Update 1/2/2017 – We’ve just put together an article regarding the refunds / good will offers our readers have had from VW / VAG – Please read The Volkswagon Group is systematically refunding owners for EGR failures after the emissions “fix” and do let us know how you get on! ** 

The VAG group dropped a mighty clanger with the diesel emissions “defeat device” that cheated both government and motorists alike into thinking their cars were green. VW however don’t like the terms “dieselgate” or “defeat device” and prefer to use EA 189 NOx emissions issue.

In the US their response was to pay off owners and regulators to the tune of $17.5bn. Across the pond here in the UK we weren’t so fortunate. The VAG group –  VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda recalled the affected cars for a a free fix. This “fix” was in the form of a revised engine software update which apparently resolved the issue, bringing emissions levels in line with their false claims.

In the days and weeks following this “fix” saw reports of EGR (Exhaust Gas Return) valves failing at an alarming rate in post fix vehicles. In a letter sent to an “BigAndyG” from AudiUK we reveal why. The letter read:

“In essence, the affected vehicle’s injection phase has been split from a single injection into multiple injections which results in an improved burning process in the engine. The software update also increases the affected vehicles’ Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) rate, which results in lower nitrogen oxides (NOx) production. Improvements in the combustion process ensure that this increase in the EGR rate (which lowers NOx levels) does not have a detrimental impact on particulate levels”

With most of the vehicles affected approaching 5 – 10 years old, we suspect that the increased EGR activity and revised combustion settings are the root cause of the EGR failures in these cars.

Is my car affected?

VW has put together a handy form to help so you can see if your car is effected. Head on over to and punch in your details. We’re unsure if this also works for other marques in the VAG group such as Audi, Seat and Skoda so please do let us know in the comments.

What can you do?

If you’ve had the emissions fix and are now experiencing EGR issues we suggest that you speak to the dealer who “fixed” your car. Point out that the fix increases EGR activity and is the reason for the premature failure of the valve / system. Also point out the numerous reports (such as ours) pointing out that this isn’t simply a coincidence that its failed.

We also suggest that you join the claim against VW for the emissions scandal which could see you compensated to the tune of around £3,000. More on how to join the lawsuit against VW here.

If you’re looking for more information on EGR systems for then check out our article on how EGR valves work

Are you affected?

Disgruntled owners are reporting this issue at an increasing rate. Please do get in touch in the comments section below, it might just prevent other motorists from being ripped off by the VAG group’s underhanded practices.

Fill our our survey!

We’re working with the The Volkswagen diesel customer forum (Emissions scandal) Facebook group to collate your experiences with the fix. Please do take the time to fill out our survey so we can access and highlight the criminal damage done by VW to the cars they have “fixed” click for the VW emissions survey


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126 comments on “Is the VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda dieselgate “emissions fix” causing EGR valves to fail?
  1. Martyn Maynard says:

    I have been recording soot collected in the DPF of my VW 2.0 TDi for the past 6 months. Following implementation of the “fix” soot collected has increased 2 to 4 fold. It doesn’t surprise me that EGR and DPF failures follow.

    • Karl says:

      We’re not surprised – have you had any signs of EGR failure or engine management lights? I take it you’ve also seen an increase in DPF regens too.

      How are you recording this data if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Martyn Maynard says:

        Regensburg we’re taking place at 500kms ish. Now at 150 kms. Also plenty of failed Regensburg (fan running after stopping). No lights yet, but it’s early days.

        I measure soot after journeys using OBD2 and an app VAG DPF. Also measured EGR before and after fix using Torque app. Slight bit noticeable increase.

        • Karl says:

          Thanks for the info. I’d be interested to see you findings if you’d like to contribute to another article. It really pains me that VW are getting away with treating owners in Europe in a completely different manner than over in the US.

          Could you point me in the direction of the app you have used? It would be great to try it on my Skoda VRS Diesel and also a couple of our long term readers who also have older VAG cars which have been recalled for the fix.

          • Martyn Maynard says:

            The app I use is called VAG DPF. I’m on android so it’s available on google play store. I don’t know if there is a similar app on Apple. Of course you’ll also need a wireless OB2 connector. I got mine on eBay for£5 ish. I’m happy to contribute to any piece you are writing. Send me your email and I’ll give you what I have. It would be good to see if other VAG vehicles behave the same

  2. Mike says:

    Hi, 2 weeks after my VW golf emissions software update I got the engine management light and limp mode. EGR valve diagnosed and replaced (luckily under warranty). 3 weeks later the problem has happened again. Garage scanner shows egr fault. VW were adamant that there is no relationship between the update and the erg failure, but there clearly is. Don’t know what to do, surely the software can’t break a new egr that quickly can it?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Mike.

      Sorry but the short answer is yes. We’ve had lots of owners in the same boat too. A couple now have had either the full amount paid (Audi) and 90% from Seat. If you look at my EGR FAQ page you’ll see it in the comments.

      It’s well worth kicking off as I believe the know what’s happening with the rapid EGR failure. If there’re not careful it could be a bigger scandal than the emissions cheating.

      Please do let us know how you get on. I’m waiting for two of our readers to give the full details on their win against them and we’ll publish it. They really shouldn’t be getting away with making it look like a coincidence.

      • Martyn Maynard says:

        I suspect that no-one can be trusted to be completely open honest and comprehensive on this one. The evidence suggests that all manufacturers have problems, because without SCR (as in EU6 vehicles) reducing NOx increases soot! And, soot is bad. After the”fix” soot collected by my DPF increased 3 fold! Luckily no problems yet, but there’s a massive difference between a 20 minutes Emissions Test and 100,000 miles of normal driving. I suspect many of us will end up with problems.

      • Mike says:

        Hi Karl
        Update – so my golf has been in the garage all week. Because the EGR codes had come back, and because the garage had just replaced the EGR they decided it might be the boost pressure sensor. So they ordered one from VW, and when it finally arrived it made no difference. My garage phoned VW and were advised that either the replacement EGR (which was not a vw part but was supplied by the warranty company) might not be “compatible” or they should clear all the codes and reset – sorry to be vague, I’m not the mechanic here! Anyway I drove the car 5 miles and ping engine fault, limp mode.

        This is a mess. No mechanic I’ve spoken to thus far thinks the software fix update is relevant in any way. If it is, and the signs are from all the people you’ve been contacted by that it is, the truth is going to emerge very slowly. In the meantime I and many others are stuck with faulty cars and mounting repair bills.

        I’ve spoken to my local vw garage and they claim they haven’t even heard of this problem, and it’s possible they haven’t yet. I don’t actually know what to do next. I paid a lot of money for this car just 1 year ago, and I so wish I hadn’t had the software fix done, it was completely fine before then.

        The trouble is nobody really seems to know exactly what the problem is, and so we’re left with speculation and opinion, which isn’t going to solve the problem. I’ve got a new EGR but the problem persists, and nobody seems to know why or know what to do about it. I would like a replacement car that hasn’t had the fix, but that’s not going to happen.

        Thanks for maintaining this hub for many of us to come to.

        • Karl says:

          Hi Mike

          I’m sorry to say that it sounds like an absolute mess. From what I can find out about this fix, the EGR is only one part of the changes they make. It also changes how the injection system works. This could cause all manner of issues from injectors and fuel system to an issues with the exhaust system.

          VW have been strangely quiet on this issue but we’ll continue to ask them to comment on this growing problem.

          Good luck with resolving your issue and please do let us know how you get on and if I can be of any help.

      • Kelvin says:

        I am having this exact problem at the moment. My car went in for the EU ‘fix’ ten days ago and now the EGR has failed. VW Swansea are not being very helpful at present but I will keep you all posted on progress. At the moment they won’t even look at it until the 28th Feb!!

    • Maria says:

      Hello, I took my car for emissions testing last Thursday, I’ve only driven approx 70 mile since then and today the vehicle does not go above 2000 revs, it’s sluggish and not pulling power as it was before the ‘fix’. How shall I approach this with the dealership who have ‘fixed’ the emissions? Many thanks in advance.

      • Karl says:

        Sounds like its in limp home mode and most definately the EGR valve at fault.

        Point out the countless other people with the same issue and please do point them in the direction of we website. If you kick off enough then I’d expect a free fix – esp if you’re up to date with servicing and not silly mileage.

        Let us know how you get on.

        Cheers Karl

        • Maria says:

          Hi Karl, guess what! It was the EGR COOLER and a result of the emissions testing it affected the EGR! I took my car to JCT600 yesterday and they have replaced the EGR COOLER! All done as a gesture of goodwill so I am really chuffed with how they have handled this! Cheers 🙂

          • Karl says:

            That’s great news and well done for getting VW to cover all the costs. Many others haven’t been as lucky!

            Here’s hoping that your positive experience goes to help others in the same situation 🙂

          • Maria says:

            Honestly guys, I didn’t even have to mention anything about charges/costs. All done as a goodwill, come down to jct600 they will take care of you! Here’s to wishing everyone affected best of luck! I was really worried reading the forums and my doubts have been well and truly cleared. Have a great weekend!

      • Mike says:

        I took my VW Golf in for the “fix” on Saturday. Drove home 2.6miles. Car not touched again until Monday morning for the commute. 22-23 miles into my journey on exiting, instant loss of power and revs. Then struggle for a further 3-4miles to get to a safe and walkable distance from work. Then the Engine Management Fault light flashes up. Phone local VW to report the issue. In the evening, I drive again about 20miles and I then Limp Home with both the EMF flashing and the exhaust system on solid light. Before the “fix” the car was running fine. I am now (Tuesday) currently sat in their waiting room for the results.

        • Karl says:

          Hi Mike

          Sorry to hear that – unfortunatly you’re not alone as you will see from the other comments.

          Just make sure you put across your case very firmly that you will not accept any costs related to the issue. VW will cover the entire cost of the repair if you push them for it. Do not let them tell you otherwise.

          Also be sure to check out the facebook group – The Volkswagen diesel customer forum (Emissions scandal)

          Let us know how you get on.

          Cheers Karl

          • Mike says:

            An almost live update. I got the train home from the garage. VW Golf to be with them until at least tomorrow (Wednesday) close of business. Work has been quoted at £1300 to date, which I have been informed the “Good will department” will cover 100% of the cost. I am awaiting the confirmation call.
            There has to be “proof” that the “car was not faulty before the test fix was carried out”, which they had “double checked” before submiting the paper work. Plus I have the documentation following Sat stating all was good.
            I can reassure you though; I will not be paying a penny. Sadly I have lost trust in the VW product and brand because of this (owned and been loyal to VW some 14 years). We own a passat too, which had the “fix”, touch wood that survives, but it is newer. Both cars 1.6 diesels.

          • Mike says:

            Sorry forgot to write: Yes there is a “fault with the EGR” which will “take 5 to 6 hours labour to resolve, but we don’t have all the parts”. They’ve handle “600+ vehicles already” and this is “only the second they’ve dealt with that has failed” like this.
            Not all parts in stock hence having no car until COB Tomorrow.

          • Karl says:

            Thanks for the update Mike. How they could say with a straight face that its only the second one with the issue is beyond me. Its criminal!

            So glad they managed to sort it for you. Please do fill out our survey so we can record your experience with the emissions fix –

            Here’s hoping that your experience helps other in a similar situation.

      • Dr Huw Lloyd says:

        Hello – I am having the exact same issue described by Maria after taking my Skoda Yeti in for the “EA189 Diesel Engine Technical Solution” fix last Wednesday (5th April). Now the Yeti is very sluggish, can barely pull above 2000revs, acceleration impacted and occasionally the car physically stutters on acceleration. Taking the Yeti back to Crewe Skoda tomorrow when they are going to “road test it”.

        • Dr Huw Lloyd says:

          Skoda mechanic road tested the Yeti, and he experienced the lack of power and stuttering. Took the car into the shop, diagnostics did not reveal anything. However the mechanic then “readjusted everything”, ran the diagnostics again, everything read normal (again). Now the Yeti is running normally and has been for 48 hours. Unfortunately the mechanic was not available to explain to me what “readjusting everything” actually involves, as he was called to another job and it was left to one of the sales reps to try and explain it (but he couldn’t).

          • Karl says:

            That’s very interesting indeed. Could this be the first known instance of the fix being reversed?

            Which dealership was it? Would you mind if I followed this up?

          • Dr Huw Lloyd says:

            Hi Karl – sadly the problem has returned in the last couple of hours (it now feels like the engine is ‘gulping’ for power on most occasions I try to accelerate). My high hopes have been firmly dashed! I’ve contacted Skoda Crewe and awaiting a call back from their mechanic.

          • Karl says:

            Gutted for you. I had high hopes that your issue would have been sorted by the dealers reversing the fix.

            Good luck with them, don’t let them fob you off. Sounds like they’ve been good so far – even though the issue has started again.

          • Dr Paul Watts says:

            I have had the same problem – my yeti has now been back to the Skoda dealership three times. On the first occassion, they replaced the valve. On the second (they had the car for two weeks) they replaced the entire wiring loom. Having achieved the sum total of 16 miles home, the warning light has reappeared, so back to the delaer we go. I am so grateful that it is still under warranty!

  3. Bjørn says:


    Just found this website while investigating the problems I have with my 2011 VW Touran 1,6 tdi.

    Had the emission fix recently implemented at my local VW dealer here in Norway. Just 20km later the car reported “Entine fault. Workshop!” and went into limp mode. Turns out the EGR valve has to be changed, of which I have been quoted a price of 15000 NOK (1431GBP) Dealer refuses that this has any thing to do with the emission fix, and insists that it is just a unfortunate coincident, which I refuse to believe.

    Any further information regarding this will be of great interest. I’ve already contacted the law department of my national motorists association to look into this.Looking forward to hear back from them.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Bjorn

      That sounds like the exact issue other VAG owners are having after the fix. A couple of our readers have had the it’s paid for by VW but I don’t think thats the norm. I would suggest getting in contact with VW direct in Norway and see what they say. With the number of people reporting this issue they must know that the fix is actually breaking things.

      Let us know how you get on.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Bjørn!
      I am in Norway as well, and had the fix applied to my Golf 1.6 tdi just last Friday. On Saturday “Engine Fault Workshop” and limp mode kicked in, leaving us in emergency mode heading all the way to the workshop. They too, claim it has nothing to do with the fix, and I have been quoted a 15K NOK price to replace the valve. I have retrieved my car as I feel they are really trying to cheat me (as their customer) out of money and not to mention not taking responsibility for this fault.
      May I as what law department you have contacted so I may check with them myself too? Or rather, did you come to any solution on this (I see you posted in January, so quite a while back)?

  4. Jenna Lovett says:

    I had my emissions recall update done yesterday, after they took £95 off me for another update they needed to do first to clear some errors in memory. After the update I drove the car around the corner and then there was no power it just stopped. Now I’m told I need to pay £981 for an EGR valve-but I’m supposed to believe it’s nothing to do with the update!!

  5. Deborah Stocker says:

    I have a Golf 1.6 which had the fix two days ago. Never had any problems with it before but in the 25 mile drive back from the garage, it lost power several times, stalled several times and this morning I ended up having it recovered. Dealership are telling me there is nothing wrong despite the recovery guy test driving it and having it lose power. Really worried about getting a massive bill for this. Not happy at all.

  6. Julie Low says:

    Our VW Golf got the emissions update in November. In December the Emission Control/Engine Management Lamp came on a couple of times I called our local mechanic who said he would check it out if it happened again. In January the Glow Plug/Engine Management light start flashing and the car went into limp mode, this happened on numerous occasions. Our mechanic put it on his diagnostic machine but it didn’t show a fault as it had reset itself once stopped. We booked the car into our local VW dealer who now have the car and have said it needs repair work costing £867.73 but that VW will pay 90% as a goodwill gesture. I have argued that if this problem is due to the update surely they should pay 100% of the cost but was told that they were not aware of any link to the update causing the problem!

    • Karl says:

      Hi Julie

      With that kind of cost I suspect they are going to replace the EGR valve. The replacement of this part has been covered post fix by Vw in a number of cases.

      I would insist that they cover this costs for this. We’ve seen countless people in your situation with EGR failure, I really don’t see how on earth they can say it’s not related.

      Let us know how you get on.

  7. Catherine Cross says:

    Our VW Golf 2010 2ltr GtTdi is in our local dealer as we speak. I took it in last Wednesday 7 days ago now for the software update and on collection the glow plug lights were flashing,I didn’t even get out the dealers car park they put it on the diagnostics and have said it’s the EGR valve ! They have referred the case to VW and we are still waiting to hear what’s going to happen. Luckily we have a curtesy car. It’s very worrying, I am just keeping everything crossed they fix it asap for us

    • Karl says:

      Hi Catherine

      I’m flabbergasted that they could even have the cheek to attempt to give you the car back like that?!

      I’m lost for words. I thought within 10 miles was bad but still in the dealer car park is just taking the piss.

      Please do let us know how you get on. I suspect VW will cover the costs for the new EGR.

      Cheers Karl

      • Catherine says:

        VW finally got back to me yesterday and have said they will pay for the repair so brilliant news but car won’t be fixed until next week. But I can’t complain it could have been worse

        • Karl says:

          Hi Catherine

          That’s great news! We’re seeing more and more people be fully compensated for EGR failures, proof that VW consider themselves liable for then issue.

  8. Ky says:

    I’m going through this exact problem this week. I took my car (VW Beetle 1.6 TDi) for its update on Monday. All fine, collected it and drove 4 miles home. I went out later that evening – I’d driven 1 mile and the ‘engine management lamp’ started flashing on my dash. I phoned my local VW – girl was next to useless and was very dismissive when I stated that I had picked my car up only 1.5 hours earlier and had driven approximately 5 miles.
    I eventually managed to get my car booked in for a diagnostic two days later. After hanging around all day and VW ignoring my phone calls (appalling customer service all week I’m afraid to say), I finally spoke to a member of staff who informed me that my car had faulted three times since the update (essentially once each time I had driven it since collection) and I needed an EGR replacement, which would cost shy of £1,100 as my car was just out of warranty. Each time I mentioned that it had been fine prior to the update, the dealership were very dismissive.
    I went in earlier today and I told them that I am refusing to pay the money, as, in my opinion, my car was running fine until their update. VW have now agreed to pay 75% of the cost and the lady I dealt with is going to speak to her manager tomorrow to see if they (the dealership) can pay the remaining 25% as a ‘goodwill gesture’. Fingers crossed…
    Debating whether to stay with VW after all this – dreadful experience.

  9. Kelvin says:

    I am amazed by the amount of people having problems and that VW are not helping? I’m taking my car down there today to be left for them to sort out. Any advice on what to say?

  10. Paul Matheson says:

    I took my 1.6 TDI Golf Match to my local VW dealer a month ago for the software update. My wife tends to use the car more regularly than me and has noticed that the engine appears to be making a labouring noise as she accelerates.

    Yesterday there was steam coming from under the bonnet and the cooling fan was running loudly. By the time I had a look, it appeared that the source of the smoke was coming from the particulate filter. I have just sent the dealer an e-mail to enquire about investigating my issues and I am awaiting a reply.

    On another note I had issues with the EGR valve two years ago, the dealer was extremely helpful in this matter as they managed to get volkswagen to provide a goodwill payment towards the replacement.

  11. James Smith says:

    I have a 2013 vw scirocco 2.0 TDI DSG. It had its emissions fix late 2016 and ever since then it regularly goes into DPF Regeneration mode (higher revs, burning smell from exhaust etc). VW dealership had a look at it last week and says it’s fine which clearly isn’t the case as it didn’t do it before! I do c60 miles a day to work and back so my understanding was that the exhaust would get hot enough to remove the soot on its own without the regeneration cycle required!? I’m just waiting for it to go into limp mode with an EGR fault and then subsequently show them your articles!!

  12. J Stephens says:

    I have a SEAT Ibiza the EGR failure appearing shortly after the ‘fix’ when I rang the local dealer the first thing I asked was could the two things be connected. I was advised that they were not as the ‘fix’ was just reprogramming and the EGR failure was parts related. My local garage, who I went to for a second opinion, now tells me that after receiving 2 faulty replacement parts they have tried to get another but were told that a delivery date could not be given as there were over 400 on the waiting list for parts in Cornwall alone.

  13. Alistair Craig says:

    Sod’s law, I own a Golf 1.6 tdi and Audi 1.6 tdi. The golf had its update 6 weeks ago and so far all seems ok. However the Audi was done 3 weeks ago and the EGR failed two weeks later, costing £1,200 to have it repaired. This is being done at a VW garage – 7 mile of my home as apposed to 32 mile for the Audi garage – car had to be towed there by the AA.

  14. Karen Guerin says:

    Same story, EA189 technical solution applied Sept 2016 – EGR valve needs replacing Feb 2017 at cost of £900. Luckily my sister who has same car told me they had same problem, their dealership offered to pay 90% of the cost un-promted. Eventually our dealership offered to cover 70% but increased to 90% when pushed – but I am still not happy. Having read all the comments on this page I am concerned about what is coming next, DPF failures? How long will the new EGR valve last? Would we be able to sell on this car?

    • Karl says:

      There’s not enough information to make an intelligent guess as to how long your EGR and DPF will last now.

      Figures from DfT have shown up to a 30% increase in particulate levels, you can make your own judgement on that.

      You won’t have any issues selling the car on, thanks to the playing down of this issue – the vast majority of people are unaware of this debacle.

  15. CS says:

    Left my car to VW to fix the emissions issue at the start of Feb and now I have problems with EGR. My Mechanic has said there has been a few issues and VW are doing nothing about it. What can be done? VW shouldn’t get away with this

    • Karl says:

      No they shouldnt and we’re doing everything we can to highlight this issue. As said before – Make sure they cover the entire costs of the repairs, there’s more than enough proof in this page alone to make sure of that.

      What error code did your diagnostics throw up? It’d be interesting to see how they compare to others.

  16. have just reported same symptoms on my vw caddy after emissions fix and they have said it is just a coincidence and cannot be connected with the fix.

    • Karl says:

      What a joke. Don’t accept that. There’s enough proof on this page alone to make sure of that.

      Speak to VW customer care and don’t take no for an answer. They are lying to you.

  17. Mick reed says:

    What i cannot understand is why all you people are taken your cars in for a so called fix when it aint broke leave it well alone i say.

    • Tony Francis. says:

      I had no choice, they did the update when my car went in for a service. They told me it wasn’t reversible, I’m now having problems with performance & economy & reluctant to go very far in it in case it breaks down. Very unhappy!

      • Karl says:

        Hi Tony

        Did they ask for your permission to do the update? We’ve heard from lots of people in the same boat as you.



  18. Tim Davies says:

    My 2013 1.6 TDi Touran recently had the fix and my wife and i have experienced the following issues.
    When stationary with the engine idling the revolutions of the engine can be affected by the use of the clutch.
    Even on a short one mile drive the fans often kick in at a high speed and this is usually accompanied by a smell in the cabin.
    I am waiting on a call back from my local VW dealer.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Tim

      Sounds like the DPF is doing a regeneration. This is just one of the unfortunate side effects of the emissions update. The update causes at least 3 times the amount of particulate to be produced – filling the DPF much quicker.

      I’d take it in and see what they say. I certainly wouldn’t accept any repairs at your own cost.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  19. Ind says:

    I had a emission fix on 2010 New Touran SE 1.6tdi in late Jan 17. Since then I had nothing but trouble: two dpf warning lights, then egr valve failed. VW replaced it at 100% goodwill but I had to wait 2.5 weeks w/o car. Even after egr fix the fan is always on at high revs and distinct exhaust smell inside. Engine rattles like a tractor low/mid revs. Then today another breakdown, injectors on 4 cylinders gone in the middle of nowhere land. I feel like fix ruined my car.

  20. David Penrose says:

    my 2010 2 litre Passat bluemotion went in for the update, the next day engine management light came on. took it back to VW, they said a temperature sensor in exhaust has failed, i googled it and it is apparently highly involved with emissions. VW have responded by saying it is absolutely nothing to do with the update and want £400 for the new sensor! sounds very suspicious to me! I havn’t found any other cases of sensors failing on the internet but was wondering if anyone has any ideas about it? thanks

  21. Kirsten Blackwall says:

    My VW Caddy had the emissions fix at the end of February and last Thursday we lost power on the M5 with flashing coil light and three small children in the car. We had to be rescued by the RAC. VW quoting two weeks before they can run diagnostic tests at £100 charge and definitely unrelated to emissions update.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Kirsten

      They are actually quoting 2 weeks for the EGR valves to get into stock. They are failing at such an alarming rate after the fix that there is a national shortage. Please point this out to them and also that you will refuse to pay for any repairs and that they will cover the costs your rescue by the RAC.

      Let us know how you get on.

  22. Thomas Leather says:

    I reported this to VW on my 2012 polo back in January when the engine management light appeared. They were adamant they knew nothing about it and no relation to the Emissions fix performed in September. I was advised to pay the diagnostics fee before they would investigate. 3 independent garages had already said “EGR valve issue” therefore I refused to pay for a diagnostic that I already knew what the fault was.
    I got a local mechanic to repair it at cost, not cheap at that! 3 weeks later the engine management light was on again, still having an EGR fault. The mechanic could do no more. Final resort back to VW, (2 months later!!) They have admitted liability and have finally agreed to fix the car free of charge. NOT FREE IS IT THOUGH?? I am having to fight for a refund but unlikely they will pay for the initial repair. ATM they are refusing to refund third party work. Do I have any legal rights to claim this back?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Thomas

      Unfortunately I don’t expect you’ll get VW to refund the initial EGR replacement. Its disgusting really as had they taken responsibility in the first place you wouldn’t be in this situation.

      You could seek legal advice from the CAB for free but a normal solicitor may cost you more than the repair was.

      Good luck with them and keep us updated.

      • Thomas Leather says:

        Hi Karl,

        After seeking legal advice it is third party i have to chase for refund as i entered into a new contract.

        VW still have the car awaiting parts for fix.


  23. Ash Khan says:

    VW is sending me letter after letter to get me to take my car for the fix to be applied at the dealership, they even now offering to get it done at my home address. But I am not sure if I would want the fix to be applied, so just wondering is it a MUST DO or is it a legal requirement that needs to be adhered to?
    Just dont want to end up lots of problems as I can see other car owners are facing. At the moment I am quite happy with my car and its performance with no issues.
    So can I just carry on as usual and ignore all letters sent to me by VW??

    • Karl says:

      Wow – it just show you how desperate they are to have it done.

      Considering our survey has shown that over 60% of people who have had the fix experience a failure of some kind we recommend that you don’t do it.

      It’s not a legal requirement and will not affect value of your vehicle. Just look at the other comments on here!

  24. Matt Medhurst says:

    My Skoda Yeti has 37k. Two years ago replaced the EGR valve and had no problems. Two days ago I had “the fix” and 100 miles and one 10 minute motorway blat later the fault light has come on. The dealer wants me to blat it again, and if it is still apparent they will investigate. I’ve already made them aware that I am not willing to pay as it’s obviously “the fix”. Naturally they are non-committal so watch this space.

    • Karl says:

      Yep – sounds like the dreaded #VWFixFail

      What ever happens do not accept any costs, Skoda / VW will cover the entire cost of the repair.

      Let us know how you get on.

      • Matt Medhurst says:

        Sure, I’m due to get the Kodiaq, so if else fails they can take the Yeti Part exchange

        • Karl says:

          The Kodiaq is a lovely looking car. I’ve got an Octavia MK3 VRS and it’s one of the few cars I’d consider upgrading to. Not sure I’d have another diesel though!

  25. Andrew says:

    We have a Skoda Suberb(?) 2.0 TDI, 62 reg. and have not yet had the NOx repair. All is apparently fine with the car, we were advised to wait and see before having the repair. It now sounds like we should not have it, but should perhaps join the class action.
    What d’you think? Cheers.

  26. Mervyn says:

    Egr failure 2 months after emission fix.local garage replaced egr and now I find out I should have gone main dealer.have driven vw for 40 years and am disgusted with the whole affair.2014 1.6tdi Passat.dpf next?

  27. Paul says:

    Hi – I got the fix 5 months ago. Prior to that my Golf MK6 never went into ‘limp mode’, never had the engine management light or catalytic converter light come on. It was a dream to drive.
    Since the update its had nothing but issues. A few months ago I had one mechanic test the car. His test came back as the EGR valve. He told me to take it for a good spin to clear it.
    The issue was getting worse so I took it to a different mechanic – his test cam back with the same result – EGR valve!
    He quoted me £400 for the part and installation!!

    Im so glad I found your website. Im now going to speak to the VW dealership that applied this update and see what they say. Nothing but problems since the update!

    If they fob me off what should I come back with? Appreciate any advice on this.
    Thanks for the advice so far

  28. Jacob says:

    Had my 2010, 1.6 seat Ibiza for around a year now. Me and my partner have never encountered a problem and the car has always ran smoothly. Had the update around a month ago, went to pick my car up from the seat branch and as soon as I started to drive the engine management light and two other lights popped up on my dashboard as well as my car going into limp mode. I rang the branch as soon as I got home and explained what had happened and they told me to bring in so they could see what the problem was. They kept the car overnight and when I went to pick up the next day their were no lights. Thinking the problem was fixed I said no more. Now three weeks later and exactly the same lights have come up again and my car is in limp mode. I’ve rang the branch and explained the problem again and have been told that this problem is just a coincidence and not linked to the update which is absolutely laughable baring in mind they’ve already tried to sort the problem once.
    Not sure what else to do, any advise would be greatly appreciated!

  29. Dave says:

    Hi, Took my 2010 2.0L diesel Yeti into Skoda for an service and the ECU update. It has 85,000 miles and has never missed a beat. On collection from the dealer the engine sounded different. Within a few miles the engine management flashed on briefly, the following day both the engine management light came on and glow plug lamp flashed, this condition continued and the car went into limp mode. It took a week to get an appointment at the dealers for an examination so I have been without my car for all this time and being charged for a courtesy car (unless the dealer is able to claim it back) Although the dealer has put it through to the Emissions Team at Skoda, they are saying because it is mechanical the do not believe it is related to the ECU update. Skoda have so far taken over 48hrs to decide despite the dealer chasing constantly. I am still none the wiser. I have a second Yeti which I will not be getting updated! It seems too much a coincidence for this not to be related to the ECU update. Is there anything further anyone can suggest?

    • Andrew says:

      Exact same issue with my superb. 2010. 60 plate. Had emissions recall done and not the same since.
      Had diag done at main dealer. They said nothing to do with the upgrade and Skoda would not pay.
      However that same afternoon got a call from the dealer and Skoda were going to cover 90%
      Had new EGR and full set of glow plugs.

    • Huw Lloyd says:

      Skoda are also being difficult with my Yeti. They are currently refusing to cover the cost of new EGR valve and gasket (quote = £797.83 incl.labour), but I am going to see the dealership again tomorrow. Today the Skoda dealership advised me to contact the main UK Skoda customer services and discuss whether they would cover the cost in good faith, but I have written to them twice previously to explain the situation but not received a call or email back. Today I wrote them a third time. You do get an automatic email reply but even the information they give on that regarding their opening hours, is wrong! This whole episode is proving to be very, very stressful.

      • Huw Lloyd says:

        SKODA UK have finally agreed to pay in full for a new replacement EGR valve and gaskets. It has taken 13 days, four visits to the SKODA dealership, 3 written complaints and one phonecall to SKODA UK Customer Services, and one phonecall to VW UK customer services. In all of these communications, I had to stress to SKODA the use of legal action against them unless they paid.

        What is perhaps of interest to others who will have these problems, is that the dealership which conducted the “fix” were unable to make the decision to cover the costs – this had to come from SKODA UK or VW Group UK. So I think its worth others who experience these problems to email and phone not only the dealership but also the relevant UK SEAT, AUDI or SKODA customer services for your model and also VW Group UK customer services.

        Karl – thanks for this website. The information you and many others have posted really did help me getting SKODA to pay for the repairs – thanks!

        • Huw Lloyd says:

          Problems continue – SKODA replaced EGR valve and gaskets, and finally brought my Yeti back today. I immediately turned on the engine and the exhaust system fault light came on! Now its gone back to the dealership for another check-up.

          • Karl says:

            Really?! So they returned it still broken. The cheek of VW amazes me.

            Hope you get it sorted. Let us know how you get on.

          • Huw Lloyd says:

            Skoda dealership ran diagnotics again and it returned the same two fault codes (4891 and 4892 P040300). Over the last two days they conducted what they say were “extensive road tests” and checked the EGR and wiring over the last day and a half, and no fault was returned (no warning lights). However, on leaving the dealership today as they attempted to return the Yeti to me, the glowplug fault light came on, and they turned right back around to the dealership for ‘more tests’.

  30. Alan Griffiths says:

    Hello, my name is Alan, I have a Seat leon Auto 1.6 diesel, I had the fix done about 2 months ago, since then I have noticed that the fan is staying on when I get out of the car (I dont use the aircon), also there seems to be a bit of a rattle on the engine at low revs, also in the lower gears it seems to be snagging. We didnt have any of these problems before the fix. Not wanting to take back to the dealer because you just dont get anywhere, We are with a pool of people suing the VW group because of the emissions scandal. They got back to us the other day saying a lot of people are having problems after the fix, so we filled in the questionnaire.

  31. Andrew says:

    EGR fault on Mk6 golf , software installed October.

    Took it into main dealership quoted £1200 plus to rectify.
    Phoned VW up as they have set up a helpline for the emission issue.
    Gave full details of dealership and work being done and they said they would look into it.

    On contacting dealership aboutthe repairs, these had been delayed as they could not get the part immediately,I enquired as to wet her there was a Warrenty issue. They phoned back within 5 minutes
    Offering 100% off parts and 90% off labour.Happy with this as they did some minor repairs as well, bill came to £106, they also did not charge for the electronic investigation.

    As they only made the offer on my request the message must be to ask the dealers about claiming from VW for failures in this area.

    Thank you to this Web site for providing this valuable forum.

  32. Andrew says:

    EGr valve fault diagnosed on Golf me. Emmision software installed Oct 16.

    Quoted £1200 for the work.Contacted VI emmisinformation helpline gave them full details.Contacted dealers to arrange collection and asked them if VW covers any part of the cost. Gave them full details.

    On arranging collection, this was delayed due to part unavailability, I asked about Warrenty, they came back within 5 minutes saying part cost covered 100% labour 90%. No charge for the investigation previously quoted at £150.Bill £106.Happy with this as they did some other non related work at the same time.

    As they only responded when asked about a contribution from VW IT
    Is important that dealers are asked from the outset of the problem.

    Thank you to this site for highlighting the issue.

  33. Safdar Hussain says:

    Recently had my Audi A4 2011 tdi automatic emissions update at Audi Leeds and now having starting problems took it back they said no faults coming up on check got back and tried starting it after a while and would not start called them back they said service team finished for day and they’re going to get them to call me in morning got full Audi service history 84k on clock never had problems till after this update really stressed out don’t know what outcome is going to be

  34. NE says:

    New battery on 16th Mar. Emission ‘fix’ on 29th Mar 2017 and instantly noticed a decrease in power when I tried to accelerate. VW in Bury St Edmunds told me the car should have a new cam belt and water pump and service so I did that on 6th Apr 2017 at a fair cost. 19th Apr engine management system light came on and when starting the car it kept turning over before starting. In garage now and they are saying it is some bulb related piece of kit which must have been affected by the battery change and they want to charge parts cost. I said I couldn’t see how that could be the case as the light had only just appeared and how would that cause the other issues. After reading your web site I am really concerned that I am going to have lots of on-going problems and costs.

  35. Chris says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2009 Audi A3 1.6TDI and had the emissions service on 27/02/17. On 02/04/17 I was travelling at 70mph on a dual carriageway and the whole car shuddered and went into limp mode. The engine light came on and it was subsequently diagnosed with a faulty fuel injector at the cost of £500. It might just be coincidence but the car has run beautifully since I’ve had it with no excess costs incurred apart from the expected servicing/general wear and tear costs. It still doesn’t feel right but MPG and performance seem pretty similar.

    Any ideas?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Chris

      Tbh we’ve not seen many reports of faulty injectors post fix however the update does make changes to the fuel injection system.

      I’d certainly be having a word with Audi customer care and push for all work to be carried out as a good will gesture. Considering the number of people experiencing issues, it CAN NOT be unrelated.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

      • Chris says:

        Hi Karl,

        I should put some more meat on the bones. I’ve already had the work carried out at a local AudiVW specialist where I have the car serviced. Perhaps in hindsight I should have presented the car at the Audi dealer for diagnosis first and taken it from there. As it happened, the RAC recovery guy told me the problem straight away whilst at the roadside once he’d plugged his laptop in so my main objective was getting the car sorted at a garage I know and trust. I guess Audi could throw all sorts of obstacles at me now for having the fuel injector replaced elsewhere.

        I haven’t made pursuing a claim as easy as I could have. The car is driving fine now the injector has been replaced but it still doesn’t feel quite right. I’m also concerned that this problem won’t be isolated and there could be more to come in the medium to long term.


  36. Rob Sibley says:

    Booked in my Golf Estate 1.6 TDI last Thursday for the ‘fix’ and the check engine light came on Monday morning having not driven the car all weekend. I dropped the car off today at Marshalls Reading as it was the earliest they could check it and received utterly appalling service. Nothing heard all day, no call to me and I was stuck on the phone for over an hour trying to get through to the service department. Finally got a call back by very sheepish service department and told a glow plug was the issue and the car would not be ready tonight. I now need to find a lift to the station and train home, pathetic service. I have lodged a complaint and expecting the car to be ready by lunchtime tomorrow but am also very sceptical that the glow plug is actually the cause of the engine fail light. No quote has been made to me or mention of the cost so am assuming it is covered however given the pathetic service today nothing would surprise me. Astounding they can treat people like this

    • Huw Lloyd says:

      Rob/Karl – I also received extremely poor customer service from SKODA/VW Group. One piece of advice I was given by a local car mechanic was to get the dealership/mechanic to print out a copy/photograph/screen-capture of the actual fault codes when they run the diagnostics. They did (and were quite shocked I asked for it). Together, with all the advice from this website, it may help in getting them to cover the full cost of the EGR repair (it did for me).

  37. Vince says:

    Bought a 2011 skoda superb 1.6 2nd hand last month and egr gone yesterday. Fix was done back in September 2016. Do I have a leg to stand on and get the egr replaced as a goodwill gesture? I am in Ireland.

  38. Jan K says:

    I took my Audi A1 in for it’s fix in March 2017 and within 2 weeks the warning on the dashboard showed problems with the emission system. My Audi dealer was really good about it all and within a week had replaced the EGR valves as a ‘good will gesture’. I got the car back on the 6th April and everything seemed okay until yesterday when the coolant warning light came on. Topped it up but it’s back on again and needs topped up again! I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems following the fix then replacement of the EGR valves. It may be a coincidence (it’s a 14 plate) and this would have happened anyway but it would be good to know of any other similar issues before I contact the dealer again. Many thanks, J

  39. Sarah says:

    Had the emissions update on my Audi A3 1.6Tdi on 17 March and a few days later an engine management warning light came on. Took it back to the main dealer who said one of the glow plugs needed replacing. No, nothing to do with the emissions update. Paid £138 for all four glow plugs to be replaced. 10 April driving along M27 and car went into limp mode, and diesel engine management warning light came on. RAC tested and said was EGR valve. Dealer has replaced this and the EGR cooler at their expense as a goodwill gesture. Audi UK have written to say emissions software has “no adverse impact on the CO2 emissions figures, MPG figures, engine performance, maximum torque, and noise emissions”. About to set off across Europe – wish me luck!

  40. Stuart says:

    We are living in Belgium and have a 1.6 TDi Golf Bluemotion. The EGR failed just a few miles after the fix, with immediate loss of power, warning light on etc. VW denied any responsibility and suggested that we should expect problems like this because of the age of the car and mileage (less than 70000 miles) despite (and we quote) “VW paying particular attention to the quality of its products”. The VW garage was much more reasonable and gave usa good deal on the replacement EGR, but at its own expense. Loss of use of the car for more than a week was another problem! Since then we have noted more of the same symptoms, plus the fan running on etc. The garage say (after two sessions on the diagnotic computer)that they can find no evidence of DPF problems or failure and have suggested that it might be a dirty fuel problem. The car has always been serviced by the same VW garage, according to the prescribed schedule, but they have just changed the fuel filter as a precautionary measure. We are waiting to see what happens!
    In the meantime we have been reflecting on the situation. We have suffered a sudden loss of power on three occasions to date. On one of these the loss was dramatic and accompanied by what sounded like a muffled explosion: the car slowed as if the brakes had been applied from around 50mph and the coil warning light began to flash. Luckily the road was completely clear and I was able to pull in to the side without any harm. But what if I had been in an overtaking situation or in the middle of heavy traffic? For us the issue is not just one of major inconvenience and cost but also it raises very important safety concerns which we feel should be taken on board as such not only by VW but by relevant authorities. VW apparently argues that affected numbers are very small, but this is irrelevant when safety is concerned. One accident would be one too many and we are suprised that VW does not seem to have realised this!

  41. Ariel says:

    I haven’t had the “fix” applied to my Golf 1.6 BlueMotion. Each time somebody from VW contacts me to suggest getting it done, I quote the head of VW UK (Paul Willis) who stated explicitly that the fix was unnecessary (in his 20th Feb 2017 appearance before the House of Commons Select Committee). Specifically, his response to question 127:

    Q127 Clive Efford: They are all going to be recalled but there is nothing wrong with any of them.

    Paul Willis: Our position is that there is nothing wrong with any of them at all. That is our position: the cars were not fitted with defeat devices. Some people do not necessarily agree with us. Therefore, to remove any doubt whatsoever, we are applying the technical measures.

    Why risk damaging the engine when VW say “there is nothing wrong with any of them at all”?

  42. Amy says:

    Hi – My VW Polo 1.2 TDI had the ‘fix’ done about 6 months ago. Since then it’s been lacking power when you pull away from junctions etc. Last week we broke down 250miles from home (loss of power, knocking sound / sounded like a misfiring engine). There were no warning lights and it took the RAC man a while to diagnose the problem (an injector fault). Just got no. 1 injector replaced – something our local garage said is rare on a car with only 35,000 miles on the clock. No. 3 injector is also showing signs of instability. Wondering if this has anything to do with the ‘fix’ seeing as it involved changing the injection pattern?

    I’m not very mechanical but believe this is a different fault to the one described in your article. Have you had any one coming forward with similar problems?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Amy

      We’ve seen a few instances of injector failure but not anywhere near as many as EGR issues (fuel system 8.8% in our survey). Unfortunately you might struggle to get VW to action this as its been so long since the update. 35,0000 seems very low for injector failure though.

      We’ll keep our eyes posted for similar issues though.



  43. Derek Gunning says:

    I got my Emissions fix approx Jan time this year.
    I had a few episodes of sluggishness, fan over working and had it tested at a non VW garage with no fault detected
    Now yesterday my DPF filter, my glow plug and EMS lights came on, I now have a hefty 2k bill for DPF replacement.
    Is this related to the “fix”?


  44. Matthew says:

    I have been reading through a lot of this and have some questions myself;

    My Seat Ibiza has only just done 40K miles, should my EGR be failing already?

    Can I go through a procedure to get assistance with repair costs?

    The EGR Valve it’self, when the engine is off, should the valve be more open or more closed?

    Thank You for your time

  45. MIKE MCEWEN says:


  46. Alistair Thomson says:

    I have a 2010 1.6 td skoda octavia. I had the ‘fix’ carried out on 28 June 2017. I noticed immediately that my engine cooling fan was running on well after I stopped. Power was reduced and today (12 July 2017) I had to limp back from Pitlochry to Kirkcaldy barely making it up hills. I am well angry! I will phone the dealership who carried out the modification tomorrow and try to keep cool!!!

  47. Glen James says:

    Hi all

    I have a 2011 skoda octavia 1.6 tdi, I had my emissions ‘fix’ done 2 weeks ago, the car is in excellent condition with no reported issues. Since the fix, the engine management light has come on, I took it to skoda, they ran a diagnostic and told me its a glow plug error and handed me the keys back telling me this is not to do with the emissions fix.

  48. Lesley says:

    Audi A1 serviced a couple of weeks ago. Now engine management light on. RAC ran diagnostics and reported- DTC: P245400. Differential pressure sensor circuit low. The car has also been found to have a minimum oil level reading.
    Do you think this is related to the emissions fix? What should I now expect from Audi?

  49. Richard Sheppard says:

    I drive a company lease 14 plate Superb Greenline estate with around 120k on the clock. I took it in for the emissions fix about a month ago. Last friday it went into limp home mode and I drove it straight to my local Skoda dealer. I’ve just picked it up today. The report says EGR coolant failure and the dealer said Skoda had footed the bill (£1000+) as it was a fault caused by the recent emissions fix. I’m just about to drive down to Italy with it and hoping a new valve will be good for the next 3000 miles!

    • Richard Sheppard says:

      What I’d like to know is have Skoda done any mods to prevent successive EGR failures or is this going to be an ongoing problem???

  50. Caleb says:

    I live in The Republic of Ireland, and I bought a 2011 Skoda Octavia 1.6 a few months ago, and recently received the recall letter. I took it to the dealer who applied the ‘fix’.

    3 days later the engine warning light came on, reduced power and acceleration. I returned to the dealer.

    They examined the car, and a mechanic told me I needed a new egr valve and it would cost €800-€900. I queried if this was in relation to the fix, and was told no, it was a coincidence!

    He went away and came back and a few minutes later and said they would contact Skoda and ask for ‘goodwill’ for it. Up until this point I had never even heard of anything called ‘goodwill’ etc. He went away again and while they were discussing this, I had wifi and an iPad and searched and found this site, when I got the opportunity, I politely informed the mechanic that this was a common fault following the fix.

    Eventually he returned and said the person who deals with this was off until Monday, this happened on a Friday.

    They gave me a courtesy car, and on Monday I received a call to say that Skoda were covering 100% of the cost – parts and labour.

    The car was returned repaired etc. on the next Thursday.

    It is possible to draw different conclusions from the conversations mentioned above, and they might be correct or they might not, but for anyone in a similar position, I would recommend that you let the dealer know that you are fully aware that this is a common fault following the ‘fix’ and that other dealers are repairing this egr fault 100% free of cost.

    Ultimately for me all I can say is that Skoda identified the fault, accepted responsibility and repaired it free of charge, but a little more transparency about the fix, and it’s potential to cause problems with the egr valve, would surely have been the ‘proper’ thing to do in these circumstances?

  51. Ben P says:

    I have just had the same experience as Caleb. Our Skoda Yeti 2 litre diesel had an engine light come on and I was told by our local garage that our EGR valve had gone with a large repair bill (£750 at least).

    I called our local Skoda dealer who did the software update and they agreed to do the work for free. This is good but my concern now is – how do I know the update has not caused other damage? Or will shorten the life of the engine? Does anyone know if it is possible for them to reverse the software update? Or to claim compensation for the time-wasting and potential long-term damage to the car?

    Thanks for any help.

  52. Masters says:

    Back in May 2016 VW applied the software fix when my car was in for service. I did not request this, did not want it, and now cannot have it removed.

    Engine is less efficient, fans are on a lot, loss of speed and today engine management system light came on and car went into limp mode. Independant garage diagnosed EGR valve failure.

    Could get it fixed for circa £500-600 with VW parts at specialist independent garage.

    Phoned VW and they said as within two years of update they will do it for nothing and supply courtesy car for the duration of the fix.

  53. J Bradbury says:

    I had my 1.6L diesel Audi A3 updated in May and the EGR failed in the middle of June. I had it repaired for at my normal garage assuming it was just bad luck. It has failed AGAIN today 3 months later. Now I’m concerned it was related to the update and I’ve spent lots of money repairing something which will never work.

  54. Ian Hassett says:

    My Seat Altea XL 1.6 diesel had the emissions fix on 17th January 2017 then my EGR failed at 90mph in the oputside lane on the motorway causing a serious safety issue as I was stranded in limp mode the wrong side of 4 lanes of traffic. I paid to have the fault fixed at alocal garage cos I didn’t believe Seat would cough up. This was at less tha 35000 miles. Car was flawless up to then. I had the car breakdown again 60 miles from home when no’4 injector packed up. Another stonking bill. I live in a rural area so dealers ar far apart. In between these incidents the air con pulley sheared off.!!!! German engineering at work. I got a letter in August from Seat saying that if I experienced trouble after the “fix” then to put a claim in. I have just been awarded nearly £1000 but of course its nothing to do with the “fix” as they dont believe it responsible!! My car is still under 50000 miles god knows what else is to come. Tjhey have said they will considder claims up to 2 years and mileage of 170000 miles from the date of “fix”. Still trying to claim back loss of pay from not being able to get to work after breakdowns.

  55. Dave says:

    Ive got a 61 plate gt tdi scirocco. Had it for 1 month with 11 months warranty left (haven’t even made the first payment for HP). The car will not start, battery works but car will not fire. VW garage (Who have the warranty) have looked at it mentioned that the DR8 valve has a fault but doesn’t need changing (and through hearsay I believe changing it wouldn’t resolve the issue long term), they have managed to start it using some form of flammable liquid and are keeping it in over the weekend to try to work out what the fault was. From research it seems highly likely that this has happened as a result of the emission “fix”. I’ve ran my VIN through VW who state the vehicle is up to date indicating it has needed and been given this update, no idea when but it would have been before I got it. The car has been fine for the month I’ve had it, no indication of issues, ran perfect; MPG has been what I’ve expected and this fail to start has come out of the blue. I will hear back after the weekend but I fear that I may now have a vehicle which will just fail to start at random again.

  56. Nick says:

    Good afternoon I was wondering if I can ask for some advice.

    I have a 2011 Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion S and had the ’emission fix’ completed last year (2017). Just after Christmas the ‘Engine management’ light came on along with the orange coil light. I took the car to my friend who checked it over and said the EGR valve was on the way out. He said it was an expensive job and that I should have a look online, this has to led me to stumble upon this thread.

    Having read some of the previous comments it seems like there is/could be a direct link between the ’emissions fix’ and the ERG failing on my car. I clearly do not want to pay for the repair if it is associated with the ‘fix’. I do not know anything about cars and want to feel confident in approaching VW about the problem. What steps would you suggest I take when I talk to VW to get them to take a look at the problem, and hopefully waive any fee this might incur?

    Many thanks


    *PS this is a great website for people like me that no nothing about cars : )

  57. gary cooper says:

    HI,, 6 month after my nox fix the EGR failed. ( golf 1.6 tdi ) vw garage changed egr and said it was a good will gesture . The car still wants to do re-gens every 2 to 3 weeks. cooling fan stays on for a minute or two after parking up. contacted vw support team and was told the egr is working harder to keep emissions down. In the year previous to the nox fix i never once had the car try do a re-gen. VW should be giving a lifetime warranty on egr not just the 2 years after the nox fix . THANKS, one frustrated vw owner.

  58. Niall Muncaster says:

    I had the NOX emission remap in Dec 17, had a number of issues with the car over revving to it all to come to a head today where the turbo has blown and full engine failure. No indication of this. I have been having to do a DPF regen every 2 weeks or so eventually leading to today’s events. I have raised a HUGE complaint with Skoda. Has anyone else had a similar story since the NOX remap or am I one in a million.
    The fact that the turbo blew, in 5th gear at 70mph on the motorway could have been FATAL.
    Would be intrigued to see if there are similar stories out there to add fuel to the fire with the claim. VW’s emissions resolution is evidently causing MAJOR issues with our vehicles and need to be held accountable before somebody dies!
    Please reply with any advice!

  59. Paul says:

    We also had our recall on a Skoda Fabia, then the EGR valve failed. The Skoda dealer told us that the car was a write-off. I found this site and contacted Skoda who agreed to replace it. Shortly afterwards both the spark plug warning light and the engine warning light came on and I’ve now been told that the exhaust gas temperature sensor failed.

  60. Graeme says:

    Hi,just got my 2014 vw tiguan 2l diesil 4 motion back from Hawco Peterhead yesterday. Had engine management light coming on regular after emissions fix. Hawco did a health check and found issues with the EGR.Totally replaced the Throttle valve console unit. Also the stop/start light was coming far the issue seems resolved.All work and replacements done free of charge as good will.Even got a new car off the forecourt as a courtesy car for the day.
    Hats off to Hawco PHD for going above & beyond there call of duty.
    Hopefully they have fixed the problem for good.
    Will update you if any more problems arise.

  61. Richard says:

    Hi, my 2011 Audi A1 1.6 TDI had a EGR failure a few years ago and i had to have it replaced but this was before the dieselgate scandal was known about so obviously didnt have the ‘fix’. Would the (not known at the time) higher levels of emissions been the likely caused of this? Thanks

  62. Dan says:

    My Engine management light came on last Friday with the car reverting into limp mode. Took the car to my local Audi dealership which had carried out all of the previous work and servicing including what appears to be the now dreaded ’emissions fix’ software update. They replaced the EGR valve free of charge. As an engineer myself, alarm bells began to ring when they stated they would be conducting £1500 worth of work free of charge.

    Having picked up the vehicle and only driven it 30miles. It’s displaying the same symptoms and I’m having to take it back in. I’ve pointed out that if there is a cascade failure across the cars’ systems because of the software I’m going to be taking this further as there is clearly an issue and they’ve practically admitted liability by doing the work for free.

  63. Jon Stevens says:

    I have just had a quota for £740 to replace the ERG valve in my VW Passat, following its failure. The vehicle has recently had the emissions ‘fix’ carried out. I will be taking this matter up with VW UK and the local VW dealer who carried out the fix.
    Absolutely fuming is an understatement.

  64. CJ says:

    Just cost me £760 to have the EGR Valve replaced on my 2012 Tiguan. Private mechanic. Have then come across this article and have checked my VIN to see that my car has received the fix. I have emailed VW asking for a refund of costs. Fingers crossed they say yes. The money I have spent out was meant to be going towards a family holiday. 🙁 Of course I have quoted this article in my claim!.. 🙂

  65. Bill Campbell says:

    I have just had the engine management light appear on my 2013 Skoda Yeti 2.0 diesel. This is 3 years and 15000 miles after “fix” Local garage identified a nox sensor and cleared the fault but I am pretty certain it will re-appear. Skoda garage from whom I bought the car say “only 2 year warranty on fix”. What do you think?

    • Karl says:

      Hi Bill

      Yes, they are correct. The fix is only covered under good will for two years. You might be lucky and get a contribution from Skoda but it’s not a given.

      Cheers Karl

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