Hypermiling FAQ

  • What are Hypermilers?
  • Where did the word Hypermiler / Hypermiling come from?
  • How much of an increase in MPG would a Hypermiler get?
  • Do I need to modify my car to Hypermile?
  • What are the advantages of Hypermiling?
  • How can I check my MPG?
  • What is the best vehicle for Hypermiling?
  • What is Nempimania?
  • What is a Hybrid?
  • How do I Hypermile?

What are Hypermilers? Hypermilers are drivers who exceed manufacturers stated efficiency of their vehicles by modifying their driving habits and techniques. Hypermiling is a great way to save on fuel costs and drive safely

Where did the word Hypermiler / Hypermiling come from? The word Hypermiling originates from the hybrid vehicle driving clubs where people began to compare fuel efficiency of their engines. The term Hypermiling term was originally coined by Wayne Gerdes who is considered by many in the Hypermiling Community as the “father of Hypermiling” Update: Hypermiling has really taken off in 2008. Hypermiler.co.uk has had a great deal of Hypermiling press coverage which has helped raise Hypermilings profile with the penny watching public. The term “Hypermiling” has also been officially recognised by the New Oxford American Dictionary and is their 2008 word of the year.


How much of an increase in MPG would a Hypermiler get? Some Hypermilers have reported MPG gains of over 60 percent, however expected gains will differ from car to car and the technique used.

Do I need to modify my car to Hypermile? Hypermiling can be performed in any vehicle at all but certain techniques are better suited to certain vechilcles. See the techniques page for more information

What are the advantages of Hypermiling? Hypermiling not only increases your MPG thus saving you money at the pumps but it also reduces wear and tear of components such as brake pads and discs due to decreased acceleration and braking periods. Note this again is dependant on the Hypermiling technique used.

How can I check my MPG? Modern cars are increasingly offering fuel consumption (MPG) displays as standard or as an optional extra. It is also possible to fit an after market guage such as a ScanGauge http://www.scangauge.com/. This not only shows MPG but can also be used to troubleshoot your own car and show up to 12 other useful gauges. Please note that you will need an OBDII port on your car. THe last option is to use the hypermiler MPG calculator to work out your MPG. BY inputing the litres used and distance travelled you can work out your MPG very easily.

What is the best vehicle for Hypermiling? You can Hypermile in any car but quite often the best results are seen in Hybrid vehicles such as the Honda Insight, the Toyota Prius Hybrid and the Honda Civic Hybrid”. Hybrids are especially good as they have a secondary power source.

What is Nempimania? Nempimania is an obsession with getting the best fuel economy possible. It is derived from the Japanese “nempi” a contraction of nenry?sh?hiry? meaning fuel economy, and mania, meaning “craze for.” What is a Hybrid? Hybrid cars usually make use of a normal (albeit fairly small capacity) petrol engine coupled with an electric motor and a suitable electrical system. The on-board computer decides when to use the engine, the electric motor, or a combination of the two to get the best efficiency. For example, a hybrid may use the efficient electric motor to get the car moving initially, and then switch over to the engine when more performance is required. See the Automotive Technologies page for further information

How do I Hypermile? The basics of Hypermiling are easy. Check out our Hypermiling Techniques Page for all you need to know about Hypermiling.