Our article regarding EGR failures after the VAG emissions “fix” prompted many of our readers to get in touch looking for urgent help and advice. The sheer the number of Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW owners who have experienced EGR valve failure post fix proves it’s NOT the coincidence they claim. The Volkswagen Group has unknowingly acknowledged that their fix is the root cause for these failures.

We’ve been contacted by three owners (so far) who suffered the same EGR failure post “fix”. They advised us that the costly EGR replacement has been provided as a free / heavily discounted “good will” gesture by the manufacturer. This very generous move wouldn’t have been offered if the VAG Group was not absolutely certain that the fix was responsible for the growing number of EGR failures in their cars.

We first heard from Simon earlier last month, he was able to secure a heavily discounted replacement of his EGR valve on his car by Basingstoke Audi. Like most owners, his well maintained car was not having any EGR valve issues before the EA 189 NOx emissions issue fix was applied. 

My EGR has failed after the emissions fix, what can I do?

Dealerships won’t be falling over themselves offering to cover the the £900+ repair bill for a new EGR valve. It’s in their interest for you to pay the bill using your hard earned cash.

Our sources advise that their dealer was dismissive that their EGR failure was related to the fix at first, claiming it was a mere coincidence. Don’t let this fool you and please do point out that the following dealerships have managed to secure a “good will” payment for the replacement.

  • Basingstoke Audi (heavily discounted)
  • Stoneacre Peterborough (Seat) (92% refund)
  • Volkswagen Cheltenham

We would advise against going in all guns blazing but the fact that other owners have already secured FREE replacements will help your corner. Please do point them in the direction of this article if you think it will help.

Will they pay all of the costs?

In all three cases, owners have been informed that the dealers have had to consult the manufacturer direct regarding the issue. In each case the entire / majority of the cost has been provided as a “good will” gesture.

The very fact that manufactures from the  VAG Group are offering full refunds is enough to assume they not only acknowledge the issues but also take full responsibility for it.

If they refuse to do so then please do persevere. By the very fact that manufactures from the VAG Group are offering full refunds is enough to prove they acknowledge the issue and take full responsibility for it.

We suspect that the refunds are in part a way of reducing the bad press and publicity of the issue. We’re here to make sure that does not happen!


Why has my EGR failed after the emissions fix?

In order for VAG group cars to pass emissions regulations they have been bound to offer a “fix” for the affected vehicles. This fix alters the vehicles injection process and increases EGR usage. Apparently, these changes will not have an effect on particulate levels however due to the fact they’ve even mentioned this we suspect that DPF regenerations and failures will also follow suit.

You can read more about this in our article – Is the VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda dieselgate “emissions fix” causing EGR valves to fail?

Will my DPF will fall too?

We hate to the bearer of bad news but we saw this coming as soon as we learned what the software “fix” entailed. The changes to the injection system together with the increases usage of the EGR valve will cause the engine to produce more diesel particulate matter. This will increase the rate of which DPF regeneration occurs and thus reduce the lifetime of the costly filter. Taking into consideration that the design of the DPF systems were flawed in the exact vehicles requiring the fix, it’s a certainty that you’ll have your DPF life shortened substantially.

In fact we’ve already had this noted by a VW owner who pointed out that his fans are staying on much longer and with a higher frequency after his usual journeys. This excessive fan activity is a tell tale sign that a DPF regeneration is in progress.

We’ve also been speaking to one VW driver who has proven that the fix increases DPF loading by a substantial amount. He’s currently lobbying environmental groups and the government to take note of this. More on that very soon so stay tuned!

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