You’ve probably found this page because like me you were looking for some solid information on how the Nissan Juke DCi DPF system works. Either Nissan are having a laugh at the our expense or the internet has truly failed us because I am unable to get a copy of UK Juke owners manual. Finding a US manual isn’t an issue but it contains no information on the DPF system at all.

What Juke owners say

The closest thing I could find was a forum post on one of the Juke UK forums. 

So here it goes in a nutshell:

Previous version of the 1.5 DCi engines fitted to the Juke had a DPF light. Like my old Qashqai this would illuminate if the sensor detected the DPF was becoming blocked. This would trigger either a dealer visit or a DPF burn run to burn off the soot. 

Never version of the Juke featured a system called OCS (oil condition sensing). This system constantly monitors oil condition and is able to tell is the condition of the oil has reduced enough to be a danger to the oil clogging up. 

These newer versions of the Juke also feature a 5th injector in the exhaust manifold. This injector allows the temperature of the exhaust to increase by a substantial amount and therefore aid a DPF “burn” or regen. This system can have a negative effect on oil quality and therefor its vital that the OCS system is working in partnership with the 5th injector.

The above isn’t word for word but you get the idea. What we are struggling with is the facts about how the DPF light is triggered and what is required by the driver to perform a successful DPF regeneration without dealer assistance (and costs).

As you can imagine, DPF systems, failures and forced regeneration are a hot topic with many owners. Like the Qashqai and other Nissan models there seems to be an inherent problem with the design of the vehicles emissions systems which hinders DPF regeneration in normal driving conditions. Here’s my first article which sparked my DPF obsession after countless issues with my Qashqai DPF

No manual, No problem!

What I do know is that the same 1.5l DCi diesel engine in the Juke is also in the Qashqai. This would suggest that the Nissan Juke would also adhere to the same requirements for a DPF Burn. Here’s what the Qashqai manual says:

Regeneration restrictions: Driving conditions such as frequent short journeys or stop/start driving can result in excessive build up of carbon in the filter. When this happens the DPF warning light will illuminate (and a message will appear in the vehicle information display, see “Vehicle information display” later in this section) to inform you that the vehicle must be driven in a particular manner to begin regeneration.

When the DPF warning light is illuminated, provided that legal and safety conditions allow, the vehicle should be driven at a speed of over 60 km/h (37.5 MPH) until the DPF warning light turns off. This process can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

If regeneration fails: Failure to react to the DPF warning light may lead to saturation of the DPF system. If this happens the Malfunction Indicator (MI) will illuminate indicating that a Service Regeneration by a NISSAN dealer or qualified workshop is required.

The engine speed may also be limited to 3,000 rpm to protect the DPF system. NOTE Contact a NISSAN dealer or qualified workshop to perform a forced regeneration.

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Service regeneration is a maintenance item and is not covered by the NISSAN warranty.

As you will see from the last snapshot from the manual, Nissan is VERY clear that DPFs are NOT covered by the vehicle warranty.

Why the lack of information?

We’re simply shocked with the lack of information about the DPF in the Juke. We’ve managed to locate some online manuals from the US but they don’t even mention the word diesel in them – I’m not even sure if the Juke was available with a diesel engine over there. Please let us know!

Can you help?

I know you’ve come here for the information we have but we really need your help with this one. Are you UK Juke owner with a service / owners manual? Can you send us some photos of the pages about the DPF? Does it even mention it?

We’d like to hear your experiences with your Juke so please leave a comment below, don’t forget to like Google + and also share this page so we can help other Juke owners struggling with their DPFs too.

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