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The UK braces itself for the season’s first “Cold Snap” prompting winter fuel saving tips

For much of the UK population, this week heralds the start of Winter. North-westerly winds whipping off the Arctic are forecast, bringing at least two weeks of wintry conditions and misery to motorists. Weather reports claim that temperatures will begin to

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The Ford Fiesta ECOnetic wins the 2013 Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon

The fuel sipping Ford Fiesta ECOnetic has been declared the winner of this years prestigious ALD Automotive/Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon. Ford’s flag ship super mini took the podium “out-hypermiling” 23 other cars in the event. The Fiesta was piloted by a

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US Hypermilers smash the 48 state MPG record with 77.99 MPG US / 93.66 MPG UK

US Hypermilers have stepped into the record books following an epic Hypermiling run of 48 US states that resulted in an amazing 77.99 mpgUS / 93.66 mpgUK for the trip. Wayne Gerdes and Bob Winger piloted the 2013 VW Passat TDi

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Hypermiling Nirvana: Treat every drop like its your last

We’ve all been there. Fuel light shining brightly on the dash and possibily not enough fuel in the tank to prevent an embarrassing break down.  Your first instinct is to do everything that a seasoned Hypermiler would do on a daily basis, but without

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Summer fuel saving: Don’t “burn” excess fuel in the sun

In a complete reversal of one of the UK’s wettest summers on record, many parts of the country are basking in the sun with temperatures reaching a whopping 32°C. As the mercury goes up many motorists reach for the aircon button for

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Speeding fines could increase by 50% with increased Police penalty powers

Under proposals announced for consultation today by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning speeding fines could be set to increase by 50%. At present being caught by the boys (and girls)  in blue normally sees a fixed penalty of £60 and

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Fleets: Speed limiters will save fuel whilst improving safety

  It should be common knowledge to drivers that the faster you go, the more you spend in fuel. It’s something that has recently struck a chord with drivers especially in hard times like this where motorists are struggling to cover living costs let alone

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