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Do insurance companies charge for change of number plate?

In the UK, it is a well-known fact that you need to consider the cost of your insurance when it comes to buying a vehicle as this can be a hefty additional cost. There are several things that can affect

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How do car insurance Black Boxes work?

With all the hype in the media about car insurance black boxes we thought we would clear the air and explain how this technology works and explain why they could help reduce your car insurance premium. What is Black Box

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Car insurance shake up as RAC backs black box technology

Insurance black boxes have been the product of choice for many young drivers struggling to afford the astronomical premiums demanded by many car insurance providers. They constantly monitor driving habits to assist insurance claims and reduce premiums. Recent moves by

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Is the future bright for wearable technology in the era of the connected car?

Wearable technology has come a long way since the days of the humble Bluetooth audio earpiece. These devices changed how we think about our interaction with communications technology, ensuring that we could never miss that important call again. In car

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Car insurance premiums to fall as driving records go online

Motorists could see their insurance premiums drop by upwards of £15 a year as driving records go on line. The move over to the on-line records is due to be complete by 2015 will see an end to the paper

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The new Toyota Yaris is more refined than reinvented

When the Toyota Yaris was first released back in 1999 it received almost universal praise as being one of the first ‘superminis’ – compact hatchbacks which provided style, performance, and more room than you may expect, all in a small

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Protecting the Investment You Have Made in Your Classic Car

Purchasing or restoring a classic car, truck or other vehicle can be the chance of a lifetime, one that will allow owners access to the vehicle of their dreams. Ensuring that your time, expenses and efforts are as secure as

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