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“Winter is coming” so save money and check out our Winter fuel saving tips!

Temperatures in the UK have been below zero for the past few mornings for many in the UK. This not only brings the chaos and misery associated with the slippery roads and tough weather conditions but will also see many

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Hypermiling 101: Automatic Gearbox Edition

For many in the Hypermiling community choosing the right transmission for your next “eco” ride is a simple choice… choose a Manual. Automatics are often heralded for providing a stress free, clutch-less and relaxing drive but in most cases this

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Our Hypermiling forum gets an all new look!

We are very pleased to announce that our new look forum has now gone live and is ready to serve the hypermiling community. The all new look is a massive improvement over the standard PHPBB3 forum template that it replaces

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Ethical Driving, keeping the peace and saving money

As a part of my job I spend a great deal of time on the road and I am amazed at the poor attitudes that some motorists seem to have. Many of my fellow drivers have a complete disregard for

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Greener tyres could save UK businesses £500 million in fuel

Research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) suggests that UK businesses could save up to £500 in fuel costs by opting for fuel efficient tyres. The report comes as new EU legislation comes into force which will require tyre manufacturers to

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Hypermiling Nirvana: Treat every drop like its your last

We’ve all been there. Fuel light shining brightly on the dash and possibily not enough fuel in the tank to prevent an embarrassing break down.  Your first instinct is to do everything that a seasoned Hypermiler would do on a daily basis, but without

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Idling London motorists wasting £60m a year in fuel

A report by the Energy Saving Trust has shown that motorists in our fair capital waste over £60m of fuel and contribute more than 100 million kg of CO2 a year as a result of unnecessary idling. For those lucky drivers

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