Hypermiling has never been easy.

My wife moans that I drive too slow, turns on the AC when the sun makes even the most brief appearances and generally picks at my fuel saving efforts. What she doesn’t see is the huge savings I make for our family, allowing us enjoy the finer things in life like trips to the South of France and Legoland.

Since the start of the year I’ve been working to hard to maximise my use of Hypermiling. This includes:

  • Creating a rigorous maintenance schedule for my car
  • Lift sharing with a colleague
  • Biking and walking where possible
  • Cutting non essential trips

Over a year I would guesstimate that I’m travelling 5000 miles less and for those miles I do travel, saving about 25% by Hypermiling. That works out to be over £1000 in fuel alone.

Bear in mind that I don’t have a particularly fuel efficient car, running a petrol 2001 Volvo V40 estate is hardly glamorous. Savings can be made no matter what car you have, you just have to be prepared to change your driving habits.

Hypermiling might not be sexy or impress the wife but I’m hooked.