When fuel prices drop and the media hype over the UK being ripped off at the pumps, its easy to forget about how efficiently you are driving and adopt the careless driving styles of the general public.

Until the last round of hikes, my driving had slipped back into my old habits and I was all to regularly enjoying the poke available from my Skoda Fabia VRS.

I’m now on a conserted effort to regain my mighty MPG average and push it even further than the 66MPG I had topped and head well into the mighty hights of the 70MPG club.

The plan of action is:

  • Remove my Son’s push chair from the boot
  • Check and inflate tyre pressures
  • Look again at the route I use for my daily commute and the times I am travelling.

Fingers crossed the mild weather will continue and I can really push myself to achieve some remarkable MPG gains. Only the general public’s lack of awareness can keep me down.

I’ll report back next week with how I’m going but so far the reading is 74.9MPG from the Fabia’s fuel computer.