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Nissan Juke DCi Diesel DPF Regeneration FAQ

You’ve probably found this page because like me you were looking for some solid information on how the Nissan Juke DCi DPF system works. Either Nissan are having a laugh at the our expense or the internet has truly failed

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UK Driver jailed for 2 years after filming himself driving at 192mph

A driver from Northampton has been jailed for 2 years after being caught filming himself driving at 192mph. A video recorded by Shaun Davis piloting is Nissan GTR at over 120MPH above the national speed limit was found when he was arrested on an

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London’s proposed ultra-low emissions zone puts the brakes on Nissan London Taxi project

London continues to be at the forefront of vehicle emission restricts, causing headaches for the likes of Nissan who may have to shelve their London black cab project. The proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone will put in place strict restrictions and

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Nissan Leaf owners edging towards Billion kilometres driven

The LEAF is the first 100% electric car to come from Nissan and as a result of this achievement a number of LEAF owners are racing to one billion kilometres driven. With the innovative CarWings telemetry, Nissan are able to

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Why are diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues becoming common place and what’s being done about it?

Issues with diesel particulate filters seem to be popping up in message boards and in the press with an increasing frequency. DPFs have certainly have done a lot to clean up diesel’s act but it’s turned into a rather costly

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Is the future bright for wearable technology in the era of the connected car?

Wearable technology has come a long way since the days of the humble Bluetooth audio earpiece. These devices changed how we think about our interaction with communications technology, ensuring that we could never miss that important call again. In car

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The curse of the diesel particulate filter (DPF)

**Update** This article has been very popular with our visitors, therefore we have put together a frequently asked questions page for DPF diesel particulate filters to help our fellow motorists. More people than ever now choose diesel over petrol for their

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