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The big bus experiment

Many moons ago the bus was my only option to get to college. Even without a car my trusty mega rider and me could travel all week within Peterborough for only £5. Lately I’ve been thinking of opting for the bus in order to...

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45mpg and a little disappointed.

My first true fill up in the Volvo was not quite what I expected. Thinking that I could return anything even near to the Skoda was a bad idea, a heavy smaller engined petrol car is no match for the efficency of the VAG fuel...

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Drafting.. 93MPG over 15 miles

On my way back from a job yesterday, I decided to settle in behind a lorry to enjoy a little bit of drafting. Its been a while since I have had the opportunity to venture into a slipstream, country roads don’t tend to have...

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