bus stop signMany moons ago the bus was my only option to get to college. Even without a car my trusty mega rider and me could travel all week within Peterborough for only £5.

Lately I’ve been thinking of opting for the bus in order to get to work and see how I fare. I know it won’t be an easy option but I am intrigued to see how who depend on buses for their daily commute cope.

As fuel prices soar maybe public transport is the option, however it must be able to work for every day life. Living in a “smallish” town in Lincolnshire is not likely to help my crusade but its worth a try.

In order to evaluate my journey I will be looking closely at how the taking the bus compares to my normal commute of 11 miles and 20 minutes in the Volvo. These are the factors:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Comfort
  • Effort
  • Environment Impact

Time to dig out the time table… I’ll be back!!