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Double blow for drivers as fuel prices rocket and government hint at duty rise

You’ll have all noticed the relentless increase in fuel prices over the last couple of months. In fact, this week marks the 10th consecutive week that fuel prices in the UK have risen. Don’t expect this trend to reverse soon

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Our top 5 summer Hypermiling / fuel saving tips

With temperatures set to soar later this week we thought it would be a good time to revise our Top Summer Hypermiling / Fuel saving tips for 2017.  The biggest factor to take into account during our “limited” summer months

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The UK braces itself for the season’s first “Cold Snap” prompting winter fuel saving tips

For much of the UK population, this week heralds the start of Winter. North-westerly winds whipping off the Arctic are forecast, bringing at least two weeks of wintry conditions and misery to motorists. Weather reports claim that temperatures will begin to

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Summer fuel saving: Don’t “burn” excess fuel in the sun

In a complete reversal of one of the UK’s wettest summers on record, many parts of the country are basking in the sun with temperatures reaching a whopping 32°C. As the mercury goes up many motorists reach for the aircon button for

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Hybrid Hypermiling Techniques

After countless miles, hours and counties behind the wheel of Toyota’s Auris Hyrbid I thought I’d put together a page dedicated to Hypermiling techniques our little twin engine’d companions. The Hypermiling Challenge with Car Magazine taught me a lot about

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Weekly Hypermiling Tip #12: Keep up the pressure!

Your tyres are the only contact that your car has with the ground, however the number of clearly under inflated tyres I see on a daily basis still astonishes me. Not only do under inflated tyres decrease MPG by causing

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Weekly Hypermiling Tip #11: Winter Tips

For those in the northern hemisphere, winter is well and truly starting to creep upon us. Freezing temperatures, snow, ice and fog will cause motoring mayhem for many, leaving MPG figures a fraction of what they have been in the

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