Many moons ago, before the internet and maybe even before Friends reunited – finding the best price for your car insurance or buying a new car was a mission in itself. This unpleasant task required either a large scotch and the yellow pages or a family outing to your local dealerships, screaming children in tow.

The invention of the internet not only made it possible to tag embarrassing photos of your friends and family in compromising situations but it also opened the door to enabling consumers to take the worry and stress out of getting the most for your hard earned cash. Comparison websites have now taken the forefront of our consumer needs making superstars of small mammals and overweight opera singers in the process.

Even with access to countless quotes for anything from car to travel insurance it amazes me how many people I know that do not shop around and compare car insurance. To this day I am yet to stay with the same car insurance provider for more than one year as their renewal fees often equate to be a small fortune over the first years cover. The insurance companies simply hope that their customers are either too lazy or simply forget to get a better price elsewhere or haggle with “Alan” who strangely has an Indian accent.

Hypermiling alone is a great way to save on fuel but the other motoring costs such as your car insurance, purchasing and loans can make these savings look minimal. I’m not going to list the countless sites currently available but I urge you to shop about for all your purchases no matter what you need, it could save you a fortunes. Simples.