Peewee Herman, the Ultimate Hypermiler

Each week we will be posting a Hypermiling Tips from our fuel saving and cost cutting Hypermiling Techniques page.


Our first installment is probably the best Hypermiling Tip that I could ever give. Not only does it save you 100% of your precious and increasing expensive fuel but it also keeps you healthier and saves on vehicle maintenance.

Our tip: Don’t use your car

I will be the first to admit that sometimes there are situations that require a car journey for that 2 minute trip, but for a morning paper and milk – it mostly involves sheer laziness. Simply opting to walk, cycle, jog, get a bus or even hitch hike get a lift is the ultimate way of saving fuel.

Those couch potatoes among us may mock, but as they struggle to tie their shoes as they can not see beyond there vast mountain of belly fat – they should take note of the benefits.

Short journeys use much more fuel than longer ones, motor doesn’t have time to get up to temperature also causes increased engine wear. Opting to take the bike (once you have dug it out of the shed) is a sure fire way of burning some calories and saving some cash at the same time.

With fuel prices flirting with the £2 a litre mark, we should all consider when we use our cars – before we priced out of them all together.