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SMMT urges UK government to back new diesel technology as new car registrations fall

new uk car cales smmt march 2015

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 6 months, I’m sure you’re aware of the demonetisation of the once heralded diesel car. The government U-Turn on diesel cars combined with diesel emissions cheating by more than one manufacturer has rocked consumer confidence in which was once the nation’s favourite fuel.

Our rocky relationship with diesel combined with uncertainly over Brexit has seen new car registrations fall overall (-3.5%) with diesel cars being worst hit. 

Figures from the SMMT show that diesel sales in 2018 so far have fallen 28.2% compared with the same period last year. That’s quite a fall and very much a sign that diesel has well and truly had it’s day.

With crumbling diesel sales and fragile car sales overall the SMMT has called on government to support industry investment in all fuel technologies in order to help consumer choice and ultimately new car sales as a whole. 

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Fuel prices rocket with highest monthly rise in at least 18 years say the RAC

filling with supermarket fuel prices petrol green pump

According to a press release from the RAC, fuel prices in the UK rose at their highest rate in May since their records began.

As of today, average fuel prices across the UK show unleaded retailing at 129.2p/l whilst diesel commands a whopping 132.4p/l – revealing the highest monthly increase in at least 18 years. For the average diesel car, that’s over £70 to fill up from empty!

Whilst fuel prices are rocketing, we’re yet to see such heights as 2012 where prices of diesel nearly topped the 150p/l mark, sending the UK into a Hypermiling frenzy.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “May was a hellish month for motorists. Sadly, they have been besieged by pump price rises for three months with nearly 9p a litre being added to petrol since the beginning of March.

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Hypermiling Tesla Model 3 breaks record with 606 miles on a single charge


In an epic showcase of Tesla’s Model 3, a hypermiling duo from the states managed an incredible 606 miles from a single charge.

The record-breaking feat saw the Model 3 embark on a 32-hour hypermiling marathon around a closed 1-mile airport loop, only stopping for toilet breaks. 

The course certainly didn’t represent “real world” conditions with speeds below par for normal roads (20-30MPH) but we’re still rather impressed with Tesla’s “budget” EV.

With battery technology improving all the time this record just might go some way to highlight whats possible from a bone stock production EV and help those still suffering from range anxiety.

Unfortunately, after the record, the Model 3 refused to charge and had to be towed away to a Tesla service centre. That’s the price you pay for progress!

** Update – We’ve just learned that due to the complete draining of the Model 3’s battery pack – a 12V battery which controls the charging process was flat – preventing it from charging ** 

Want to learn more about Hypermiling? Check out our Hypermiling Techniques page on how you can save fuel, money and help the environment.

You can also check out Sean M Mitchell’s Twitter account for info and videos from the record breakers.


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Skoda offering a £118k armoured Superb

armoured skoda superb

The unsuspecting Skoda Superb is a model often overlooked. Its “bland” looks and mightly proportions are mostly ignored in the favour of our personal favourite the epic Octavia VRS (yes, I’m biased!). It might look like something from the taxi rank but underneath this seemingly sensible body lurks a £118k PAS 300 certified civilian armoured Superb Estate. Have Skoda lost their f**king minds?!

Yes, the Skoda badge is commonplace with law enforcement and paramedics but is there really a market for a triple-digit diesel (cough) estate car capable of withstanding a wide range of attacks from both traditional and ballistic weapons? This is a badass combi!

Features of the armoured Superb include

  • Bullet resistant glass
  • High strength steel and composite panels/armour
  • Tyre deflation system
  • Emergency lighting and siren systems
  • Upgraded suspension and braking systems (to help deal with the weight)

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Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum meet with UK Transport Select Committee highling issues following “dieselgate fix”


Representatives from the Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum met with the UK Transport Select Committee (TSC) yesterday to highlight the issues VW Group car owners face in light of the so called dieselgate fix. The TSC was handed a dossier containing details of both mechanical failures and failures within the VW Group to act upon their concerns in a timely and professional manner. The dossier also contained the responses from over 2,500 owners who filled out our emissions fix survey, detailing scathing remarks over VW’s handling of the issue and highlighting a vast range of mechanical failures. More on the results here

The meeting marks the second time representatives from the group have met with the TSC in which government officials were briefed on the increasing number of post fix failures and concerns over the DVSA’s collaboration with letters sent to owners. 

Much like the first meeting, it goes without saying that the TSC would have made all the right noises. What’s yet to be seen is the UK government taking the VW Group to task over the emissions fix. 

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Did you know you can get free MOT reminders from the .GOV website?!


Whist we were looking for information regarding the new MOT DPF rules coming in May 2018 we happened to stumble on this little gem on the .GOV website.

Simply enter your registration number, your email address or mobile number (here) and the kind people on the GOV website will send you free MOT reminders! You’ll get a reminder one month before your MOT is due and another two weeks before it expires. No need to wait for a call from your local garage and no need to check the calendar.

With a penalty of up tp £1000 for driving a vehicle without an MOT, it’s a great way of making sure you don’t forget. Did we also mention it’s free. Zero cost.

It’s not the only handy tool on the GOV website either. Check out the other free checks below too!

Click to sign up for MOT reminders on the GOV website. We hope you find this useful and please do share this page on Facebook, Google+ and twitter so your friends and family can make use of this free service. Enjoy!

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UK government gets tough on DPF tampering – Updated MOT test coming 20th May 2018


The UK MOT (Ministry of Transport) test will finally get tough on DPF cheats with a new rules coming into force to ensure diesel particulate filters have not been tampered with.

The new test will require MOT testers to check the condition of the filter, ensuring it has not been tampered with or “gutted”. This purely visual check will help ensure diesel car emissions are in line with EURO5 and above emissions controls.

An entire industry has emerged offering DPF removal / gutting services, however it’s often hidden in the small print that these is for purely off-road use and is not legal for road use. For those suffering at the hands of DPF failure, removal is seen as a cheap alternative to replacing the costly filter. Prices of DPF removal star from around £200, making it a “no brainer” for those presented with a £1000+ bill for a new filter.

With the new MOT rules coming into force May 20th 2018, it could see mahy drivers failing the MOT even if they were not aware that the DPF had been tampered with. Whilst we applaud the government for this tough new stance on DPF filter we do feel for those that have bought a vehicle not knowing the status of the DPF, they could be facing huge bills for DPF replacement despite passing their vehicle passing previous MOTs.

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