Hypermiling and fuel saving tips have been bouncing around the media of late and this technique is one that’s not considered by most. Driving without brakes isn’t quite what you would think.

Every time you brake you effectively turn fuel into heat & brake dust, wasting the energy you have consumed to get your car up to speed in the first place.

DWB is simply adapting your driving style so you minimize the use of your anchors. In order to achieve this we would suggest you do the following:

  • Keep a good distance away from the car in front of you
  • Choose a route that has the minimum number of junctions and stops

When slowing down, if you opt to simply to reduce or release the accelerator you let engine braking do the work and use little or no fuel while doing so. If you can also maintain as much speed as “safely” possible you also reduce the amount of energy needed to get back up to speed.

This technique is at the heart of every Hypermiler and was also recently recommended on TopGear by the main man JC himself.

This is only a very small part of hypermiling, see our Hypermiling Techniques page for more ways to save money at the pumps. Can you afford not to?