Even Top Gear gives out Hypermiling tips as fuel prices bite

Plastic face JC giving out Hypermiling Tips

When Top Gear starts giving out Hypermiling Tips you really get the sense that something is very wrong with fuel prices in the UK.

Mr Clarkon’s advise on driving with out brakes is actually one of the effective and simple ways of increasing your fuel efficiency. Obviously this technique is only to be used in the right circumstances but its a great way of making sure you get the very most of every litre your engine consumes.

Their dose of POOOWWWEERR was not missing from the show as the 34 day old “Stig”annihilated the Top Gear track record in the facebending (see pic) Ariel Atom V8.

Drive without brakes. Every time you brake you effectively turn fuel into heat & brake dust. This type of deceleration maximises use of our cars stored momentum.

You can find out more about saving fuel and increasing your efficiency on our Hypermiling Techniques page… just tell them JC sent you.

If you missed the show you can always catch up on the BBC iPlayer website, if your broadband can cope 😉



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One comment on “Even Top Gear gives out Hypermiling tips as fuel prices bite
  1. Bob says:

    Ref your article on saving fuel You say that coasting in gear gear uses zero fuel how can that be if the engine is still running ? They have yet to make a car that runs on fresh air! Kind regards-Bob

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