winter fuel saving tips car covered in snow

Temperatures in the UK have been below zero for the past few mornings for many in the UK. This not only brings the chaos and misery associated with the slippery roads and tough weather conditions but will also see many spending much more on fuel than they have in the summer months.

To help relieve the strain on both car and wallet see below for our newly updated Winter Fuel saving tips.

Maintenance, Maintenance Maintenance

If you’ve been neglecting your car for the past year then now is the time to get it back into shape. Maintaining your car is the key to keeping you mobile, especially when poor road and weather conditions enter the equation.

Even just small things like checking tyre pressures, screen wash and and water levels could be the difference between a break down and long wait for the recovery truck. Remember, when topping up your fluids make sure you are using the appropriate ratio of anti-freeze to water.

These factors effect your efficiency much more when the temperatures drop, so make your you check your car over on a weekly basis.


Be prepared for the worst

Just in case you get stranded make sure you keep a warm jacket, gloves and hat in the boot. We would also recommend  a phone charger, can of de-icer, a shovel, a tow rope and a torch. These items can be picked up for peanuts on ebay and amazon and could be vital for your or even another motorist at the mercy of the winter months.


I’m always astonished by the number of idling cars I spot on our street on frosty mornings, yes its effective in clearing the windows but it’ll cost you a fortune in fuel. Grab yourself a can of de-icer, a scraper and some elbow grease. You’ll be ice free in minutes.

If that seems like a little too much effort before work then why not use the sun to do the hard work for you. Parking your car facing the sun is a simple and effective method of clearing even the thickest ice, it’ll also take the bite off the temperature inside your car too.

If you live in a built up area or the sun is still asleep when you leave then simply cover the windscreen and side windows with a plastic sheet or even cardboard. For those willing to splash a little cash you could even invest in a taylor made car cover that’ll fit your pride and joy like a glove and keep the ice away.

Plan ahead

When the weather turns make sure you plan your trips and give your self plenty of time for your journey. Just a quick check of the traffic reports could see  sail round that snarl up on the M1 that would have usually seen you waste both time and costly fuel.

It’s the little things

The above tips might seem like common sense however it’s often the little things we have overlooked that bring our whole world tumbling down. You’ll not only be prepared and be safe if the worst does happen but you could also save yourself a whole heap in fuel in the process.

If you’ve got a winter fuel saving tip that you’d like to share then please use the comments section below. Safe Driving all!