Spend less at the pumps with our top 5 fuel saving tips

There are hundreds of websites offering general fuel saving tips however many miss the very best way of saving 100% of your fuel, simply don’t use your car if its not essential.

The vast majority of our journeys are very short and in fact its only convenience and our sheer laziness that’s stopping us from walking or using some other form of transport. Saving on fuel is not the only upside to this, regular exercise is highly beneficial and a great way to stay in shape.

If you really do need to you use your car then why not follow our top 5 fuel saving Hypermiling tips.

  • 1. Drive defensively. Anticipate the road ahead. By driving “reactively” You effectively hand control over your fuel consumption (and safety) to other drivers. Look well ahead so you’re aware of what you’re driving into and can anticipate changes before they occur. And in order to be able to see well ahead, you need to leave adequate following distance to the vehicle(s) in front of you.
  • 2. Drive without brakes. Every time you brake you effectively turn fuel into heat & brake dust. This type of deceleration maximises use of our cars stored momentum.
  • 3. Slow down! The faster you go the more drag and resistance is placed upon your trusty steed. A reduction of 20mph can increase your MPG by unto 45 percent.
  • 4. Coasting. Shutting the engine down when stopped or while coasting up to stops/turns is one of the main reasons for hybrid vehicles’ excellent city fuel consumption. We would not ever suggest coasting with the engine off but simply remove your foot from the accelerator when approaching a junction or red light. A modern engine uses no fuel at all when costing in gear.
  • 5. Drive like you would ride a bike When you’re using pedal power you try and conserve energy – your energy. You do this without even realising. As you would on a bike, coast down hills and also if you are coming up to a hill, drop a gear. You might wipe some speed off but you will be applying less throttle and thus be using less fuel


There are many more tips available on our Hypermiling Techniques page, some more advance than others. Why not also join our Hypermiling Community forum to share experiences and tips with other like minded people trying to make the best our the fuel price rises that are crippling our wallets.