Drafting a lorry (thats not my picture btw!)

On my way back from a job yesterday, I decided to settle in behind a lorry to enjoy a little bit of drafting. Its been a while since I have had the opportunity to venture into a slipstream, country roads don’t tend to have many HGVs on them.

The route from Peterborough to Stamford on the A1 is mostly uphill so I was curious to see what MPG I could pull out of the bag. Obviously, I kept to a safe distance (2 seconds) before the bleats of the internet trolls start!

As soon as I got behind it I was amazed how much difference it made. On the flat, I only required the lightest touch of the pedal to keep with it, giving me an amazing 140+ MPG over a couple of miles. Even while going up hill I didnt see anything lower than 60MPG, I was trully amazed on how the Skoda performed in a draft.

On my return home I checked the trip MPG and it was showing 99MPG, I know its about 5% out so I would put it at about 93MPG. Not bad for a “hot” Diesel 4 door hatch!

To learn more about Hypermiling and the Techniques I used see our Hypermiling Techniques page.