Research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) suggests that UK businesses could save up to £500 in fuel costs by opting for fuel efficient tyres.

The report comes as new EU legislation comes into force which will require tyre manufacturers to clearly label their products with information on their performance in wet conditions. external noise and fuel efficiency.

Tyres will now have to be labeled with ratings much like those seen on new household appliances. The rating  rating system will clearly define the tyre’s performance using a scale A to F (with A being the best for each category)

The Energy Saving Trust estimate of a £500 million saving is based on UK businesses opting for the most fuel efficient tyres for half their fleet. The tyres would also help to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1 million tonnes.

Senior knowledge manager at the Energy Saving Trust, Tim Anderson,  said: “We welcome this new legislation and hope that fleet managers and leasing companies benefit from the substantial long-term savings they can make. Better tyres may cost more to purchase but this additional expenditure is usually more than offset by the fuel savings over the tyres’ lifetime.”

With the increased clarity of the performance of our rubber, it’s hoped that motorists will be able to make a better informed choice on the right tyre for their car, motoring habits and fuel saving needs.