We’ve all been there. Fuel light shining brightly on the dash and possibily not enough fuel in the tank to prevent an embarrassing break down. 

Your first instinct is to do everything that a seasoned Hypermiler would do on a daily basis, but without the sweat, panic and tears. Straight away you’ll slow down to a point that HGVs come screaming past with horns blasting as you try to preserve you last drop of juice in the tank. Off goes the radio, you’ll be needing to concentrate to hone those fuel saving skills. Next move is to tuck up behind a lorry to piggyback that slipstream. 

Next comes a moment of sheer panic as the car hiccups as the engine gulps down its last remaining drop of fuel, you then notice that there’s no hard shoulder and you’ll be holding up traffic for miles in each direction. You are sc***ed! You get out and await the “very nice men” as you are subjected to the glares and hand gestures of queuing motorists.

People often ask me the best way to Hypermile and in all fairness, it’s just common sense. However, just but putting yourself in the mind set that when you next come to fillup, the fuel taps have run dry, might just put you in what some call “Hypermiling Nirvana”. 

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