As a part of my job I spend a great deal of time on the road and I am amazed at the poor attitudes that some motorists seem to have. Many of my fellow drivers have a complete disregard for the rules of the road and very little consideration for other road users.

Being in a car is a mostly a solitary experience. Being in that glass bubble can make people feel invincible and act in ways that they would not dream of when firmly planet on terra firma. Combine that with our every increasingly busy lives and traffic congestion, it can make being behind the wheels a tough experience indeed.

There’s more to ethical driving than simply following the rules of the road. I recently came across an article that put it very well indeed, here are their four Ethical golden driving rules

1. There are other people in each and every car around you.

2. Those other people care just as much about getting to their destinations as you care about reaching your own.

3. Other drivers cannot read your mind or magically anticipate your movements.

4. Keep calm and relaxed, rise above the stress and enjoy your journey.

If you are striving to be an ethical driver then you need to have consideration for everyone around you, even at your own expense of time or inconvenience. If you make a wrong turn then find a good place to turn round instead of holding up a queue of traffic while you wait to cut across the path of other motorists.

Not only could your new enlightened driving style help stay calm and focused, it could also help save you a money at the pumps too. An angry and vexed motorist is likely to drive much more aggressively and a lot less smoothly , things that can hurt your fuel consumption in drastic ways and put yourself and others at risk.

While considering a new life as an Ethical driver, maybe it’s time to address the balance and source other ethical motoring products and services. This might include selecting an ethical car insurance provider that does as much to protect the environment as they do protecting your car and investment if you happen to have an accident.

Being ethical might not be everyone’s cup of tea but It sure keeps me calmer behind the wheel and ensures a stress free and high fuel efficient journey.