pothole in road double yellow line claim

Research has shown that British motorists are paying out to the tune of one billion pounds a year to repair damage to their cars caused by potholes.

The research suggests that reductions in government spending together with record rainfall and flooding across many parts of the UK is taking it’s toll on British roads. The result being that cash strapped motorists are having to fork out for expensive repairs after hitting holes in the road caused by lax maintenance.

Damage caused by potholes can cause serious damage to wheels, tyres and suspension components. Many motorists are often resorting not to claim on their their car insurance due to repair costs often being less than policy excesses and premium rises caused by making a the initial claim.

Unlucky motorists in the North East have been hardest hit by this increasingly common issue with a whopping £181 million pounds in repair costs in the region alone.

According to a popular website specialising in helping motorists who have suffered the consequences of hitting a pothole, they account for a third of mechanical issues on UK roads and costs British motorists an estimated £2.8 billion every year.

Local authorities are responsible for the up keep of British roads, this includes ensuring that regular maintenance and inspections are carried out to reduce the risk of these mini road craters from forming.

Authorities currently pay out more than £50 million a year in compensation claims due to poor roads, however proving damage has been caused by a specific pothole is not as easy as you would come to expect. Claims often end in court with councils fighting their corner vigorously.

If you’ve recently suffered at the hands of a pothole then we would recommend speaking to the local authority responsible for the offending road and explaining the situation. It would also be advisable to speak to your local citizens advice Bureaux if you need to take the matter further.