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If you are like most drivers in the United Kingdom, you may purchase car insurance because you are legally required to do so. However, not all insurance policies are the same. You may be aware that there are different types of cover available, such as 3rd party and comprehensive cover but these are not your only options. In addition to these various types of cover, you also have the choice of purchasing your cover from a traditional insurer or an eco-friendly insurer. By learning more about what an eco-friendly insurance policy is and how it benefits the environment, you may see why more drivers in the United Kingdom are making the choice to buy a green policy. Here are two key reasons why you should consider switching to a green policy today. 

Your Impact on the Environment
Through your daily activities, you leave behind a footprint on the environment. One of the most notable impacts that individuals have on the planet relates to their carbon footprint. This term relates to the amount of carbon emissions that your daily activities produce. Carbon emissions are directly responsible for global warming, and activities such as driving your car, operating electronic devices or appliances and performing other activities all produce carbon emissions. To reduce your carbon foot print, you can decrease the amount of emissions that you produce, and you can also offset the emissions that you do produce. Your green insurance policy could offset up to one tonne of your carbon emissions at the end of your first years cover, this can have a dramatic and beneficial impact on the environment. 

Your Community
You are just one of many individuals who are becoming increasingly concerned about the health of the environment. There are numerous grassroots projects and initiatives that are designed to improve the environment in some way, but these projects all require funding. When you purchase your car insurance from an eco-friendly company, a portion of your premium is applied to funding for these projects. Green insurance companies fund many local projects in part or in full each year, and in this way, your insurance premium is directly promoting a healthy environment while also purchasing the cover that you need. 

You may have never considered that the type of insurance you purchase would have such a dramatic impact on the environment. So why not choosing a eco-friendly insurer, it’s a great way of covering your pride and joy together with doing your bit for our precious environment.