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Fuel supplies at risk in Scotland as Grangemouth Oil Refinery crisis deepens

The troubled Grangemouth oil refinery is to be closed for at least a week following complaints by the plant’s owner that the planned strike action has caused financial damage. The 48-hour “strike” by workers was called off by the Unite union

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Government to force regulation on Fuel retailers as Coryton Refinery halts production. A mixed bag for motorists.

The government has called on fuel retailers across the UK to implement their own code of practice to make it possible for motorists to monitor daily fuel prices.  According to Transport Secretary Justine Greening the government plans to introduce legislation if retailers do not

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The fuel shortage farce: Ministers getting it wrong as motorists suffer

Even though the union Unite has not confirmed the tanker strike for the Easter holidays, Motorists are still queuing at the pumps causing shortages even before the planned action. Panicked motorists have been spurred on by a mix of misinformation coming from

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Panic buying as fuel shortages loom

Motorists around the UK have started to panic buy fuel yesterday as the boys at number 10 warned to prepare for fuel shortages in the wake of industrial action by tanker drivers. The strike is expected to start in around

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