An investigation by the Independent has revealed that over 1000 UK garages, back street mechanics and tuning firms are offering DPF removal services.

Official figures show that Air pollution caused by diesel cars (diesel particulates) have been linked to 29,000 deaths a year. With this in mind the government introduced measures to crackdown on the removal of DFPs however this has done very little to kerb the booming industry which has built up around them.

Even though it is illegal to drive a Euro5 compliant diesel car without a diesel particulate filter fitted, the process of removing the filter is not illegal to perform. With the filter removed a Euro5 diesel car with what is known as a DPF delete should fail the MOT, however at present there is no way of telling if the filter has been “gutted” to remove the particulate filtering matter.

For more on how removing your DPF could effect your MOT click http://www.hypermiler.co.uk/dpf-diesel-particulate-filter/will-my-car-fail-its-mot-if-i-have-the-dpf-diesel-particulate-filter-removed-or-gutted


A Department for Transport spokesman said: “If a car is fitted with a DPF and it is removed, it is illegal to be driven on the road. We continue to monitor how many vehicles are failing the MOT for this reason, and explore steps to stamp out this practice.”

With replacement DPF filters costing upwards of £1500 its not hard to see why many would opt for DPF removal with prices starting from as little as £250. Whats not often taking into consideration is the effect this has on air pollution and the associated health issues.

If you’ve had issues with your DPF filter or have had your DPF filter removed we’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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