Since your diesel particulate filter’s health relies on usage to burn off all that nasty soot, we’ve put together our top tips on how to look after your DPF in this lockdown world that many of us are living in. 

I’d also like to add that there are some out there that are traveling even more during these troubled times and are at the frontline of helping the UK to fight Coronavirus. I wholeheartedly applaud ALL our keyworkers especially those that often get missed and do vital work so that we can stay home and save the NHS.

With that in mind – check out our top 5 tips on ensuring the health of your DPF filter and please do let us know in the comments below if you have any tips for all our readers out there.

Choose your route

Sometimes the most direct route might not be the best for your DPF. Try to choose a route that minimises any start / stopping and keeps your average speeds up. This will allow your engine to reach temperature quicker and help your car reach the right conditions to allow a DPF regeneration if needed.  

Avoid excessive idling

Prolonged idling is an absolute killer for your diesel particulate filter. None of the conditions required for a DPF regeneration will be met i.e Speed & RPM, It’s also a complete waste of fuel. If you’re waiting in traffic (if you can find some) or at a railway crossing then be sure to turn off your engine.

Use a DPF additive

Using a DPF additive will assist a DPF regeneration by helping to decrease the temperature at which the soot blocking the DPF will “burn off”. It won’t reduce the temperatures or conditions needed for an active DPF regeneration but when it does occur it will give you the best chance to burn off as much of the soot as possible during the process. We’ve covered DPF cleaning additives before in one of our most popular articles. So be sure to check it out for further reading. 

See below some popular products and the additive I use in my Octavia diesel link: (STP Diesel Particulate Cleaner)

DPF Cleaners Amazon

Combine your essential trips

Combining your trips in lockdown is a great way of reducing the time away from home and also helping to prolong the life of your DPF. It will allow your engine to reach operating temperature and increase the amount of time your car meets the conditions required for a Diesel particulate filter regeneration. Put this together with all our previous tips and you’ll be doing all you can to prevent DPF failure or an expensive dealer visit for a manual regen – that’s if your dealership is even open. 

Don’t use your car

For those of you that aren’t keyworkers, you might have seen a drastic reduction in how much your car is being used. For me personally, this has not only saved me a fortune in diesel but it’s also made me really think about how I use my car. The fine weather has meant that I’ve used my bike for many short journeys I’d usually use my car for. This has been better for my health, my car, my wallet and the environment. For many in rural areas, it might not be possible but if you can then find a better way of making your essential journeys.