Survey: VW Emissions Fix. Let’s hear from you

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We’ve been covering the VW emissions fix issues closely in the past few months. We’ve seen and heard from lots of disgruntled owners all suffering similar issues. EGR failures, reduced MPG and increased engine noise are just some of the complaints that are flooding in.

We’re interested to see the scale of the issue for ourselves so we’ve put together a survey to see how owners are affected.

We’ve embedded the Google survey below. Please use the scroll bars to the side of the form to fully complete it. If you’re on a mobile device or tablet you may find it easier to use the following link

We’ll update you with the results when we have enough information to give you some meaningful results, so in the mean time please let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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17 comments on “Survey: VW Emissions Fix. Let’s hear from you
  1. Karen Gilbert says:

    Poor fuel economy fan running noisy poor performance

  2. David forbes says:

    juttering occasionally.. may be affected by weather ( crisp dry days runs fine),fan more evident just after fix, fuel consumption…will need to test it… getting odd figures for mpg on my average consumption but seems like I’m not getting what I did b4 the fix. car chugging once and felt it would conk out after a diagnostic ( had to phone garage to expect them to tow me back) but it managed to rescue itself. never had any such problems prior to fix.

  3. Richard Cornelius says:

    Refused fix had call from Seat who said its o/k , but still refused the lady sounded fed up with my reply and would arrange a telephone cal in Aug before my next annual dealer service. If no outcome of scandal is reached will not use main dealer will go private specialist garage Car 6 yrs old in Sept so well out of warranty

    • Karl says:

      Hi Richard

      You’ve done well to dodge that bullet. I’d be interested to hear if they follow it up further or continue to send you letters. We’ve seen many occurrences where they have sent out over 10 letters.

      Let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

  4. John barker says:

    Van has become unreliable and rattle on engine one injector gone had to pay £500 as need van for work vw denies any problem with software

  5. Simon Woodcock says:

    Had the so called fix applied on the 19/04/2017. Garage only 250 yards away at bottom of street so only drove the car to and from the garage on that day. My wife and I we’re on holiday that week so car stayed on driveway until the 25/04/2017, when the wife attempted to drive to work. Yes Attempted!!!!
    She managed to get approximatly 1/2 mile from work into the busy town centers ONEWAY system of West Bromwich, around rush hour. Then…… nothing, no not nothing as everything was fine but nothing as no power, no engine noise & no movement (Luckily this happened while stationary at lights so no major accident happened), the only sign of activity was the noise of everybodies horns behind her.
    The car was dead at the engine, all the electrics seem fine but the engine would not start. The RAC who came out to rescue her said the only thing he has seen like this is the CAM belt failing as there is no compression in the engine.
    Had the car transported to the same garage that applied the fix as they were the last to mess with the car. There were no signs from the garage, at this stage, of guilt as they told me they would not have an answer until the end of the week 28/04/2017 (Friday before bank holiday weekend.)
    Friday came and no contact from garage so popped in to see what was happening with car. They just happened to be on phone with VW costing repairs which turns out to be £6000 (or there abouts)….New engine they told us. But questioned the history of the car as they found water in the oil???? Didn’t find this when they did there minicheck at time of applying fix, and report states checked oil,,,, HHmmm. They then followed up with a statement that got both my wife and myself baffled and confused…

    “We are talking with the VW emissions warranty team to try and get some sort of payment in kind…..”

    Hold on why would they give some sort of ‘payment in kind’ if they didn’t think or know the fix could have or has caused the problem. So off to the internet to find you guys and any other article pointing at the emissions fix.

  6. Simon says:

    Haven’t had fix, have no intention of getting it done as I don’t want a car that doesn’t work properly or can’t be sold afterwards

  7. Thank you for offering a fair comments type of opportunity to let me put you in the picture about my van… I bought it because it was exactly the right size and shape for my requirements, I loved it, and it performed beautifully!
    Now it has become something of a nightmare mobile, and I am just lost as to what to do with it!

  8. Michelle Curran says:

    I got my emissions done last week,EGR failure thereafter.
    Quoted1,500 today to fix. Waiting on call from Audi dealer

  9. Dave says:

    Timing up and down. Reeves float. Less miles per Gallo rough on idle

  10. Karen Frost says:

    Unfortunately my Caddy panel van is undriveable due to lack of power. Fortunately I wasn’t far from home when this injector issue (according to the RAC Recovery technician) happened. Will be personally calling into VW Van Centre this week for answers.

  11. JAMES says:

    I had the emissions done and 3 days later EGR failure on my 2014 Audi Q3 with 34000 miles AUDI dealership required service history from new and after a week have not progressed it at all, they only respond when I email them and they claim it needs authorisation from Audi germany before the can go ahead with the repair, they have hinted I may have to pay for it because there is no concrete evidence the fix caused the damage and the event is purely circumstantial.

  12. Robin Bhar says:

    I own two VW’s (Touran and Sharan) which needed the emissions fix. I had the emssions fix on my Touran which after a few weeks started to splutter, engine vibrated and black exhaust fumes. Car conked out completely and had to get RAC to tow car to our nearest VW dealer 10 miles away. VW dealer kept the car for about a total of 3 weeks and said that all four fuel injectors needed replacing. Total work would cost approx £4000 but as a goodwill gesture billed me for £380.

  13. Robin Bhar says:

    As a follow up to my last comments. The Touran doesn’t seem to perform as well as it did before the emissions fix. I am reluctant to have the emissions fix on the Sharan in case it has similar problems to that of the Touran. VW have sent me two letters requesting that I bring the Sharan in for the emissions fix to be done. I am holding out for the time being.

  14. Metin Gercek says:

    I wish never fixed done my car

  15. Melissa Hodder says:

    I am currently trying to reclaim the cost of the fix. I took my car to an independent garage who quoted a third of the price that Audi quoted. Audi could not fit my car in for repairs for 5 days which would have meant loss of earnings.

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