Survey: VW Emissions Fix. Let’s hear from you

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We’ve been covering the VW emissions fix issues closely in the past few months. We’ve seen and heard from lots of disgruntled owners all suffering similar issues. EGR failures, reduced MPG and increased engine noise are just some of the complaints that are flooding in.

We’re interested to see the scale of the issue for ourselves so we’ve put together a survey to see how owners are affected.

We’ve embedded the Google survey below. Please use the scroll bars to the side of the form to fully complete it. If you’re on a mobile device or tablet you may find it easier to use the following link

We’ll update you with the results when we have enough information to give you some meaningful results, so in the mean time please let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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38 comments on “Survey: VW Emissions Fix. Let’s hear from you
  1. Karen Gilbert says:

    Poor fuel economy fan running noisy poor performance

  2. David forbes says:

    juttering occasionally.. may be affected by weather ( crisp dry days runs fine),fan more evident just after fix, fuel consumption…will need to test it… getting odd figures for mpg on my average consumption but seems like I’m not getting what I did b4 the fix. car chugging once and felt it would conk out after a diagnostic ( had to phone garage to expect them to tow me back) but it managed to rescue itself. never had any such problems prior to fix.

  3. Richard Cornelius says:

    Refused fix had call from Seat who said its o/k , but still refused the lady sounded fed up with my reply and would arrange a telephone cal in Aug before my next annual dealer service. If no outcome of scandal is reached will not use main dealer will go private specialist garage Car 6 yrs old in Sept so well out of warranty

    • Karl says:

      Hi Richard

      You’ve done well to dodge that bullet. I’d be interested to hear if they follow it up further or continue to send you letters. We’ve seen many occurrences where they have sent out over 10 letters.

      Let us know how you get on.

      Cheers Karl

  4. John barker says:

    Van has become unreliable and rattle on engine one injector gone had to pay £500 as need van for work vw denies any problem with software

  5. Simon Woodcock says:

    Had the so called fix applied on the 19/04/2017. Garage only 250 yards away at bottom of street so only drove the car to and from the garage on that day. My wife and I we’re on holiday that week so car stayed on driveway until the 25/04/2017, when the wife attempted to drive to work. Yes Attempted!!!!
    She managed to get approximatly 1/2 mile from work into the busy town centers ONEWAY system of West Bromwich, around rush hour. Then…… nothing, no not nothing as everything was fine but nothing as no power, no engine noise & no movement (Luckily this happened while stationary at lights so no major accident happened), the only sign of activity was the noise of everybodies horns behind her.
    The car was dead at the engine, all the electrics seem fine but the engine would not start. The RAC who came out to rescue her said the only thing he has seen like this is the CAM belt failing as there is no compression in the engine.
    Had the car transported to the same garage that applied the fix as they were the last to mess with the car. There were no signs from the garage, at this stage, of guilt as they told me they would not have an answer until the end of the week 28/04/2017 (Friday before bank holiday weekend.)
    Friday came and no contact from garage so popped in to see what was happening with car. They just happened to be on phone with VW costing repairs which turns out to be £6000 (or there abouts)….New engine they told us. But questioned the history of the car as they found water in the oil???? Didn’t find this when they did there minicheck at time of applying fix, and report states checked oil,,,, HHmmm. They then followed up with a statement that got both my wife and myself baffled and confused…

    “We are talking with the VW emissions warranty team to try and get some sort of payment in kind…..”

    Hold on why would they give some sort of ‘payment in kind’ if they didn’t think or know the fix could have or has caused the problem. So off to the internet to find you guys and any other article pointing at the emissions fix.

  6. Simon says:

    Haven’t had fix, have no intention of getting it done as I don’t want a car that doesn’t work properly or can’t be sold afterwards

  7. Thank you for offering a fair comments type of opportunity to let me put you in the picture about my van… I bought it because it was exactly the right size and shape for my requirements, I loved it, and it performed beautifully!
    Now it has become something of a nightmare mobile, and I am just lost as to what to do with it!

  8. Michelle Curran says:

    I got my emissions done last week,EGR failure thereafter.
    Quoted1,500 today to fix. Waiting on call from Audi dealer

  9. Dave says:

    Timing up and down. Reeves float. Less miles per Gallo rough on idle

  10. Karen Frost says:

    Unfortunately my Caddy panel van is undriveable due to lack of power. Fortunately I wasn’t far from home when this injector issue (according to the RAC Recovery technician) happened. Will be personally calling into VW Van Centre this week for answers.

  11. JAMES says:

    I had the emissions done and 3 days later EGR failure on my 2014 Audi Q3 with 34000 miles AUDI dealership required service history from new and after a week have not progressed it at all, they only respond when I email them and they claim it needs authorisation from Audi germany before the can go ahead with the repair, they have hinted I may have to pay for it because there is no concrete evidence the fix caused the damage and the event is purely circumstantial.

  12. Robin Bhar says:

    I own two VW’s (Touran and Sharan) which needed the emissions fix. I had the emssions fix on my Touran which after a few weeks started to splutter, engine vibrated and black exhaust fumes. Car conked out completely and had to get RAC to tow car to our nearest VW dealer 10 miles away. VW dealer kept the car for about a total of 3 weeks and said that all four fuel injectors needed replacing. Total work would cost approx £4000 but as a goodwill gesture billed me for £380.

  13. Robin Bhar says:

    As a follow up to my last comments. The Touran doesn’t seem to perform as well as it did before the emissions fix. I am reluctant to have the emissions fix on the Sharan in case it has similar problems to that of the Touran. VW have sent me two letters requesting that I bring the Sharan in for the emissions fix to be done. I am holding out for the time being.

  14. Metin Gercek says:

    I wish never fixed done my car

  15. Melissa Hodder says:

    I am currently trying to reclaim the cost of the fix. I took my car to an independent garage who quoted a third of the price that Audi quoted. Audi could not fit my car in for repairs for 5 days which would have meant loss of earnings.

  16. Mukesh Lakhani says:

    Very disappointed by the emission fix even Audi Slough replaced the EGR valve FOC.I am now worried what else will go wrong.

  17. David Birdsall says:

    DI wish I had not taken my car for the diesel emmissions software update. Until then I loved my Tiguan 4-motion. |Not long after the update, in October 2016 |I detected a change in the engine note, but tended to ignore it as it seemed to be performing ok. The in June this year it went for its second MOT, it passed but on the way home warning lights appeared, so I took it straight back to the MOT station which is also the VW dealer where I bought the car in 2012.. They could find no fault, so I set off for home. On the A83 in the West of Scotland, just as I was overtaking slow traffic, it went into limpmode. Very dangerous.

  18. Andy Vague says:

    Regret having the emissions fix done, as car had no problems prior to fix. After car went into limp mode I took vehicle to independent garage who replaced the EGR Valve. Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong.

  19. Pete True says:

    Had the fix to my Audi A3 got the warning lights on after a week then nothing for 8 months then the lot. Rang my local dealer Audi Coventry car booked in EGR valve gone. Was replaced FOC cannot fault the service plus a courtesy car.

  20. Alan Bates says:

    I have this week received a cheque from Skoda UK for the full amount of £744.77 for the replacement EGR which was fitted following the software upgrade scandal. Although happy now I have the money back ,I am totally disgusted by the tactics which Skoda applied. There reply as follows :- As stated previously, this is a gesture of goodwill and not compensation for work carried out on your vehicle nor is it an admission that the repair work carried out was a result of the EA 189 NOx software upgrade … So why would they pay me if it was no fault of there’s.? All I can say is the whole saga stinks to high heaven yes I have my money back but that is insufficient for the time it took to sort out this mess. As Is long standing consumer of VAG vehicles over the last 30 years I will not be returning to them or encouraging friends or family to purchase there goods . I would also point out that the promises they make when you purchase from them do not hold up. Since the repairs to my Skoda Yeti 4×4 and replacement EGR valve which was carried out by an independent specialist I hope and pray the the DPF system does not end up the same way otherwise I can see another battle on my hands. VAG …. Skoda Hang Your Heads In Shame……. your customers are your lifeline and this one has just pulled the plug !!

  21. Andrew Macve says:

    We had the fix on 19th April 2017 to our December 2012 Golf Match 1.6 TDI and initially did not notice any difference in overall performance. More recently I am sure the mpg has decreased, but we have never kept a written record of the consumption, so it is difficult to be sure.
    In mid June it had a 60,000 mile service and the staff reported there was a slight clutch judder and suggested a new clutch would be required at some point. I have been used to a much longer clutch life in various cars and was therefore very surprised. I now realise this ties up with some of the symptoms experienced after the fix.
    Last week the engine management system light came on, and the cruise control system cut in, reducing our speed dramatically. I rang the Exeter VW dealers who said we should have the car recovered and not drive it, although this was our choice. They suggested turning off the ignition and restarting, which I did. The car started immediately without the warning light although the cruise control remained active and meant we could only travel slowly. It was getting late, and I really wanted to get home rather than wait hours for a recovery vehicle. It ran well, although slowly, and we eventually arrived home.
    The following day, after a 4 hour wait, we had the breakdown engineer who plugged his computer in and said the car was OK to drive but there had been a fault in the exhaust system.
    We then drove the car to the VW dealers who took 6 1/2 hours to tell us it was the EGR value at fault and the car must not be driven. They put in a new valve and we collected the car the following day.
    This work was all done free of charge as a goodwill gesture from VW, and only cost us a lot of inconvenience, bus fares, train fares, and a great deal of time.
    It was only this experience that I started to look online and discovered all the problems other owners have faced. My daughter put us in touch with this forum and strongly suggests we sell the car.

  22. Kerry sinnett says:

    I had my software update done on sept 12th- Audi A3 2011.
    Noticed a difference as soon as I drove!
    – pulled when accelerating, noisier etc
    – after a couple of days it stalled sporadically , cutting out…. but started up after a few attempts.
    – another day or 2 lapsed the same happened again.
    I became concerned as I’d had this upgrade done. To my knowledge it was a requirement to get it done. I had many letters,reminders to get the veichle updated and so I did. On Thursday 21st I drove to pick my daughter up literally around the corner at the junction my car stalked ( I thought) !
    It came up deadlocked consult manual ? No power, heavy to try and steer. I had to let it roll to safety. AA called cost £100?to upgrade as I was too close to home first expense!! Was going away Friday….. had to pay for hire car since Audi couldn’t supply …. Audi have veichle still AA supplies report which Audi haven’t taken note of ( different computer???) Audi can’t find any fault on my car other than the horn? (250+vat) I’m not having it fixed as it doesn’t account for why my car keeps stopping?? It sounds awful and yet 2wks ago had a full service costing me £273 +vat)
    Had the car from new, kept up to date with service etc, well looked after had no problems whatsoever! Since the update everything is a nightmare. I’d like to know who I can contact or take this further with. I rely on my car for work. Can I get Audi to reinstall the original software since the new one has 100% caused major confusion to my cars performance.

  23. Euan says:

    An injector failed after having the fix on my VW 2.0 tdi Golf. I spoke to the garage who said (on the phone) it would be covered by the VW post fix guarantee. After the repair I received a bill ‘on account’ for the cost of the injector. Unsure of what this meant, I queried it. After a long silence, I wrote again and was told that this was covered by the guarantee. Happy with the action taken, but not with some opaque communication or the fact that other mysterious faults will develop as a result of the fix. I will need to be reassured before buying another VW – I have had them for many years.

  24. Alann welch says:

    ‘Just had the fix done and it went into limp mode after one month had it reset and onne month again limp mode, it to vw garage and bbeen told its the trottle and they want £300 to put it right,not sure if this is right as breakdown engineer said it was the egr unit anybobdy else had this

  25. Marie says:

    Had the fix done on our 2012 Tiguan 2.0 in January 2017. Initially the car seemed to run as before that is until July, when the amber coil warning light started flashing while having been on the road for a while. At that stage the car did not seem to go in ‘limp’ mode and I carried on driving. I carried on using the car and somehow all seemed to be fine again, until November time when the fault repeated itself with the same symptoms.
    Once again, it seems to be ok the following day and for a few weeks until last week when 10 minutes into my journey the amber warning coil light started flashing again and
    this time I noticed a distinct lack of power in the car.
    I took the car to the VW garage this morning and was told that the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve has failed and will be replaced free of charge. Sadly this means that they have to keep the car for another day to carry out the repair.
    I am now wondering how long it will be before the new EGR fails again, question I will ask the garage when I collect the car hopefully tomorrow!

  26. Robin says:

    VW Tiguan 2011 with no problems. Had the fix done sept 2016, problems every month then in January 2018 EGR failure. Getting the car fixed today with a £1300 bill as the car has done 170,000 miles VW will not contribute.

    Selling the car when done

  27. Nithin says:

    I am from India. My 2013 polo car has got EGR failure before the emmission FIX. I am not sure if this failure is related to the emmision FIX. And the company service providers are not updating the FIX without EGR replacemnent. I am completely confused if this EGR failur is due to Emission FIX not been done?

  28. Steve Tucker says:

    Had the emission fix done in August 2017 and had to have a new EGRvale fitted march 2018.Went to a independent garage and not a Skoda dealer.Can i still make a claim against VW ?.

    • Herbert Kenneth Jones says:

      Had emission reca fixe on my VW Tiguan ltr 4 Motion since then it has been running rather badly Jurking suddeb eceleration
      took it in my very reliable guarage who diagnose EGR faut had it fixed at same garage their comment was that they hav done quite a number but not a Tiguan 4 wheel drive Car running well now
      Question VW are paying for this repair can I claim for this as I had it done by an indipendent Garage which is Local
      VW repairer 8miles away Main dealer 20 Miles away
      I am 91 and can not walk to public transport or waste the time doing so

    • Herbert Kenneth Jones says:

      Had emission recall fixed on my VW Tiguan ltr 4 Motion since then it has been running rather badly Jurking suddeb eceleration
      took it in my very reliable guarage who diagnose EGR faut had it fixed at same garage their comment was that they hav done quite a number but not a Tiguan 4 wheel drive Car running well now
      Question VW are paying for this repair can I claim for this as I had it done by an indipendent Garage which is Local
      VW repairer 8miles away Main dealer 20 Miles away
      I am 91 and can not walk to public transport or waste the time doing so

  29. Simon hinks says:

    My seat 1.6 ecomotive 2012 model was recalled had fix done in January 2017 by seat stoke.last Monday the car broke down it would start then as soon as you put it in gear it cut out. We had the car recovered with the garage we use and apparently the flap that looses out the gases had shut in the closed position. The garage have had to do a software upgrade so the flap open and closed it’s ok now but for how long I also had a bill for £400 for the fix. Also I wish to point out that after seat done the recall fix the car totally change in character. Noisy engine and the power totally lost not as nippy as it was.

  30. Md Shahadat Hossen says:

    My car broke yesterday after that emission fix . The garage said it is EGR velve gone . It is costing me around £600 . It’s really sad that I have to suffer for their fault . I had to stay in car 3 hours and I was nearly in a coma . I have managed to pull the car by family member and couldn’t feel myself for hours , distress and being upset . And good amount of money . It’s a seat 2011 disrl 1.2TDI . I don’t know if it’s gonna have fault again . I am so helpless and have very little knowledge about the car

  31. steve hiatt says:

    2013 1.6d Greenline Superb purchased December 2018, it had the fix in July 2017, its done 20k+ since and 6K whilst in my care, it returns 55mpg and runs sweeter than my last Superb, a 2015 unfixed 1.6. Im looking forward to a long motorway cruise at Easter to see how it goes. The car owes me nothing and saves me £500/month over my last car (Eclass merc) with better leg/headroom and far cheaper parts.
    Id have to fix faults at my expense but always have…

  32. Michael LePelley says:

    My daughters Leon had a fault code P0403 which is the EGR fault code. It was told the warrantee was four weeks out of date by the time the car was put in the garage and that SEAT would offer no good will towards the cost of repair. The price of the repair is £900. The reason for this ridiculous price is the EGR in the 1.6D engine is part of the intercooler and cannot be replaced separately. SEAT know the EGR’s are failing because of their fix for the emissions scandal, I was not expecting the repair to be FOC but did expect a contribution as they caused the failure and the failed part cannot be replace separately as with other engines, because of their poor design.

  33. faisal ibrahim says:

    I had an EGR fault on Golf Plus 2011 plate. VW told me that because its been over 2 years since the emmisions update,which was causing the fault, they will not cover any cost towards repair/replace.

    This to me is bang out of order. I reported fault just 3 months over the 2 years. Their fault,they sould replace for free!

    I have to put water in car every few days!!

  34. Gordon Grier says:

    My 2013 VW Tiguan 2.0 tdi had the fix done in Feb 2017 and it sat on the dealers forecourt till I bought it in November 2017 so it didn’t move in that time. My EGR valve has failed Feb 2020 and will cost £1859.76 to replace. The car has only done £66k miles. I was told the same story by the dealer and VW Customer Service that as 2 years had passed they couldn’t cover any of the cost which is so unfair. I’ve owned many VWs and never had a repair bill as large as this. I asked for my complaint to be escalated but the call handler said nothing would be achieved as that’s the policy. I asked for it to be escalated anyway because if people at the top are not made aware of what’s going on out there the problem will continue to be ignored.

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