Over 7300 members of the Volkswagen diesel customer forum have raised over £6,000 to purchase and sign written VW caddy van carrying a stark warnings over the so call diesel gate “fix”. 

The van will be displayed around the country to help warn other motorists and raise awareness of the issues facing owners who have suffered at the hands of VW diesel emissions cheating.

In a statement to the press, group spokesman Gareth Pritchard said, “The group believes this is good timing given that the EU has recently come out and stated that Volkswagen have yet to guarantee that the fix does not affect fixed vehicles’ performance. The group will be using the van to travel throughout the country to hopefully keep the public informed that some customers (our members) report that the “fix” has so far seen many vehicles suffer performance related issues post fix.”

The van will start it’s tour of the country in Yorkshire and will work its away around the country, spreading the truth about the VW Group’s so called “fix” which has seen thousands of owners suffering with failure of EGR values, DPFs, turbo and fuel systems.


We’ve covered the “dieselgate” scandal since the very beginning and have worked with the group to help raise awareness over the issue. We applaud the work that the Volkswagen diesel customer forum has done. Keep up the good work!

If you’re affected by the recall then please do take the time to join up and express your feelings about the issue and how its affected you. Click for The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal)

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