We’ve been long standing supporters of the The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum (Emissions Scandal) and have taken every opportunity to help the group and owners affected by issues resulting from the so called “fix”. 

With the increased media attention and tireless work of the admin team, the group has gone from strength to strength with excess of 5,000 members in total. (5,068 when published).

With such a large membership base it’s clear that this issue is not the rare occurrence that the VW Group would have you believe. The barrage of media attention from the likes of Watchdog and Radio 4’s You and yours is proof of that.


With the membership base growing on an hourly basis the group continues to see a need for further action against VW and will continue their work to raise awareness of the issues owners face. Further protests and events have been planned to ensure this issue just doesn’t get swept under the carpet by VW and the UK media.

If you’ve been affected by the VW emissions then please do join the group and share your experiences (link here). Also please see below a large number of articles we have published covering all aspects of the recall including its effect on DPF filters, resale values and much more. 

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