Dieselgate: Dealers could be forced into paying 100% compensation to owners of affected vehicles

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In the never ending drama that is the #dieselgate scandal, the fine fellows of CarEmissionsLawyers.co.uk have claimed that dealers could be stung for up to 100% compensation for affected vehicles.

According a barrister working on behalf of the firm, a higher level of compensation could be owed to owners of newer cars thanks to an amendment to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. 

Unlike the litigation being bought by Harcus Sinclair (www.vwemissionsaction.com) who have the main men at VW in their sights, Car Emission Lawyers plan to sue individual car dealerships. The claim this could land successful claimants a payout of “up to” 100% of a replacement vehicle, minus their fee of 25% (which is common place in these type of no win, no free claims). 

Aman Johal, founder at Car Emissions Lawyers, said: “Contrary to their public apologies and admissions of misconduct, VW continue to deny responsibility for any wrongdoing, even refusing to admit that defeat devices were installed on their vehicles.

This is unacceptable from any company, let alone the world’s biggest carmaker. In addition to holding Volkswagen to account for their conduct against consumers, we are also seeking punitive damages against VW to compensate for the environmental damage caused by their vehicles.”

So now I have to choose between rival claims?

With so much money at stake we expect these types of claims to pop up with increasing frequency. The confusing part of all this is which way you should go. Yes, there are some time limitations, urging you to sign up now and Yes, this latest claim could see you recoup up to 75% of the cash for a new car. With this in mind we’re not here to call the shots, just help give you the unbiased information which is very much scarce right now. Our advise still stands that you need to do you homework and read the small print. However small it may be.

Its smelling a bit like a PPI sales pitch! … fishy

With these new claims popping up and the “no win no fee” carpet being rolled out like they’ve spotted a CBB runner up, it’s starting to look like law firms scrabbling for what should be action and compensation for owners. These claims should not be lining the pockets of law firms looking to make a killing on the backs of VW, Skoda, Audi and Seat owners already struggling with devalued cars and failed EGR valves. (and breathe!)

This ladies and gentle is why …

We need your help! 

We can only see this getting more complicated by the day and expect these rival teams of wigged men and women to be trading blows before the week is out. If you’ve got some insider knowledge or have been involved with this type of case or even the dieslgate case over in the US then please do get in touch.

Please do get in contact in the comments below or email karl (at) hypermiler.co.uk

Some bed time reading for you

You can read more about the Unfair Trading Regulation on the .gov website

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2 comments on “Dieselgate: Dealers could be forced into paying 100% compensation to owners of affected vehicles
  1. Ammar hussain says:

    Hi I recently had the software update done on my vw golf gt tdi and since having it done my car keeps fluctuationing and on a few occasions as my driving it’s clunked out on me, took it back to the dealers to have it checked had my car over the weekend for them to tell me there were no faults found with the car but since then I’m still having the same problem.

  2. Lisa says:

    I had my car in for what I thought was a mandatory requirement, and now I am left only with extreme frustration. Since the fix, I have had my 2013 Golf in d=fro repair for the diesel particulate filter error, and I have lost between 13-14 MPG on top of that.

    The worst thing is I bought the car due to the long miles I travel a week and now my warranty is getting ready to expire based on the miles on the car and Corporate VW refuses to extend the warranty or address my issue or any concerns. Their fix is what broke my car and they are not standing in the integrity or honor, to be responsible for something they caused. I am, very disappointed, and it seems I have no further recourse.

    I wish I would have known it was not mandatory to “FIX” the car, I would NEVER EVER do that again if I had the choice!!

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