It’s been over 3 years since we blew the lid on the VW Group refunding some owners after falling foul of the diesel gate emissions fix. Read more on that here The Volkswagen Group is systematically refunding owners for EGR failures after the emissions “fix”

Our coverage of this issue has been relentless over the years as we failed to see why both the mainstream media and government bodies stood back and let Volkswagen ruin countless vehicles with a emissions fix after they were caught cheating both governments and owners alike. Despite the public outcry, owners fell foul the so-called fix with mass EGR / DPF, injector and fuel pump failures as the disgraced manufacturers tried to bring their pollution-spewing EA189 engines into line.

When the VW group (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat) finally acknowledged the issue they set out to do the right thing and introduced what they called “Trust Building Measures”. In their own words…

What are Volkswagen’s Trust Building Measures?
With the Trust Building Measure, Volkswagen is informing its customers that it would consider any complaints that are established to have arisen as a result of the implementation of the technical measure on vehicles with EA189 type diesel engines and that relate to certain parts of the engine and exhaust treatment system. The Trust Building Measure applies for a period of 24 months from when the vehicle receives the technical measure and only to vehicles with mileage of under 160,000 miles at the time the Trust Building Measure is implemented (whichever comes earlier).

With the 24 month trust-building period ending for many owners, we’ve been inundated with emails, calls and comments from owners again falling foul to the fix with the same issues that brought about the measures in the first place.

Will the VW Group (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat) honor any form of goodwill for failures experienced after trust-building measures end?

Judging by the heart-wrenching stories of despair we’ve been hearing from owners left with VW group vehicles left beyond economical repair, we’re pretty confident in our assessment that the group is now washing their hands of the issue. Mounting pressure from legal challenges combined with the fact that many of these vehicles no longer in the original owner’s hands has left many owners struggling with the cost of repairs at no fault of their own.

Much like the reason for the trust-building measures in the first place, owners are still experiencing EGR valve and DPF failures following the ‘fix”. With many of these vehicles now approaching 10 years old and with less than complete VW service history, we’re not surprised that the VW Group is trying to sweep the whole situation under the carpet.

Despite this VW are still pushing their diesel cars as customers struggle to find a viable electric alternative that offers the same convenience and performance of a traditionally fueled car without the astronomic price tag. Considering the current economic climate, it’s no wonder that people are

How can I tell if my car has had the diesel gate EA189 emissions fix?

To find out if your vehicle has been “fixed” check out the following website

Volkswagen (

How to get in contact with the VW Group EA189 diesel hotlines?

This article doesn’t make great reading for anyone suffering at the hands of the VW emissions fix, despite that we still encourage you get in contact with your respective manufacture in the first instance, it’s worth a try!

To make things easier, we’ve taken the emissions fix hotline numbers from the links above.

Volkswagen: 0800 954 0225
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8am – 8pm.

ŠKODA : 0800 298 6839
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8am – 8pm

Audi: 0800 093 0124
For further information, you can also contact the Audi diesel hotline on 0800 093 0124.

Seat: 0800 093 3825
For further information, you can also contact the SEAT diesel hotline on 0800 093 3825.

Will rolling back the ECU software resolve the issue?

We covered the ECU software (flashing) roll back a while back now and the companies offering this services we’re actually falling over themselves in helping with our enquiries on how this is achieved and how they obtain the older version of the software. We’re still unable to advise on this “fix” for the fix so please do get in touch if you’ve had it done or you are a company offering this service.

More information can be found on our original article below 

What happens if my repairs made under the trust-building measures (TBM) fail?

Despite the TBM covering the fix for 24 months, we expect that any repairs under this scheme will be covered under a normal manufactures warranty of 1 year should this be the outside of this window. We’ve yet to hear anyone having any parts replaced again under TMB but please do let us know in the comments if this has been the case for your vehicle.

We need you!

We’re currently putting together another survey to help get a better understanding of the issue as it stands in 2020, until then please do let us know your experiences with the dieselgate emissions fix in the comments below. Have you managed to get your car fixed outside of the trust-building measures? Please do let us know to help benefit other owners.

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