Whilst investigating some worrying clunky gearbox issues in my Skoda Octavia VRS DSG, I stumbled upon a simple procedure for “resetting” the DSG gearbox. This reset has been heralded by many owners to fix issues ranging from gearbox hesitation, clunky changes and slow shift speeds.

What does the DSG reset do?

There is some debate on what a DSG reset actually does. Some say that it forces the automatic gearbox to “relearn” your driving style, whilst others say that it resets the clutch biting points and gear change speeds by doing a gearbox “cold start”.  We couldn’t actually find any “official” sources but we’ll update you if we find any further information.

Reset Procedure

To perfrom the DSG gearbox perfrom the following steps. Be aware that it does not give you any visual feedback on the dash.

1. Put the key in the ignition and turn on – Do not start the car

2. Hold down the accelerator pedal fully for at least 10 seconds (many suggest 20 seconds). You will feel a little click under your foot at you push down the pedal fully.

3. Release the pedal – turn the key in the ignition. You can now start the car normally

If the DSG reset is successful you may hear some shifting mechanical sounds from the gearbox.

Does this work on both 6 and 7 speed DSG gearboxes

Yes, the procedure is the same for all DSG gearboxes equipped in VW group vehicles (VW, Skoda, Seat and Audi)

Does it actually work?

Whatever the reset may actually do, we found that it is made the DSG gearbox in my Skoda Octavia Mk3 (2015) TDI much smoother, especially from 2nd to 3rd under partial throttle. With my Skoda VRS fast approaching it’s DSG oil change service milage (every 40,000 miles) I’m hopeful that this will keep my auto box silky smooth for many years to come.

Here’es what other owners experienced after performing the reset 

Well something worked on mine, I was getting worried the way the gear changes where happening but now they are silky smooth all the time.
All I have done differently was this procedure and it’s changed something whether it be a DSG reset or some other sort of reset it’s worked for me!

My sweet wife is now the one driving our fabia. Of course I didn’t dare to tell her about the reset experiment :) But when she came home from work yesterday she actually asked me what i’ve done to the car… It felt quicker and more responsive she told me.. The thing is that I drive very defensive and have driven most of the 14k mile we owned the car. My wife on the other hand drives a tad more spirited and have always complained about the car hesitating, doesnt shift down etc.

Still having issues? Get your DSG oil changed / Serviced

I can’t stress enough that you need to keep ontop of your DSG oil change services. These are around £200 from Skoda and are due every 40,000 miles. My 2015 is just approaching 80K and will be going into for its DSG service ASAP. I’ve been reading from other DSG owners that they also to a reset on the DSG from the service software which also improves any shift issues you may have.

Let’s hear from you!

Did the reset work for you? What improvements did you find? Let us know in the comments below

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